This snack kind of candy, the basic ingredient is made from sugar that is processed so that it becomes like hair.
This is the traditional snacks from Indonesia, why this is called "hair candy", maybe because it looks like the hair, people in certain cities in Indonesia calling it the "granny hair", because it looks like gray hair too.

Based on the stories of my mother, when she was a kid, about 1970, if she want to buy that candy, she must buy not with the money, but exchanged with the hair, so there is a tradition to store and collect the hair, so if there is a seller "hair candy", she was ready to transact, the candy she can get is equal to the weight of the hair she gave, so should be weighed.

Why the hair candy's seller not need money? No! he need money, but this is a tradition, by the candy seller, the collected hair can be sold to wig or hair bun factory and guess, that hair given the expensive prices by the factory. after a long time, the factory has found other materials, to make a wig or hair bun , is plastic.
And now 2016, this candy price is 5000 IDR /pack

That has not changed from the beginning until now is, To promote, the seller around the street with playing traditional instruments "Rebab".

 Sweet taste and soft structure, makes this candy favored until now.

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