Quick review after the first experience fly 4 channel remote control helicopter with coaxial rotors.

Short of the story, at the time of assignment duty to attend the launch of Industrial Resilence Information System (IRIS) at the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia in Jakarta. Finished the show, I had a few hours before flight departure, I was invited by the staff representative Jakarta go to Gembrong Market, one of the traditional market that specialized in selling toys. After walk around, I decided to buy a remote control helicopter.

This remote control helicopter is equipped with double rotors, it is called coaxial rotors, coax rotors are a pair of helicopter rotors mounted one above the other on concentric shafts, with the same axis of rotation, but turning in opposite directions (contra-rotation)

Uses rechargeable lithium batrei, and unfortunately only able to fly for less than 10 minutes. It uses 4ch system that means it can go up and down, turned to the left-right, moving forward and moving backward. advantages of coaxial rotors is more stable and does not require a tail rotor. 

Tail rotor on this Remote control helicopter only serves as a controller for forward or backward. 
Coaxial rotors is adopted from feature of helicopters produced by the Russian Kamov helicopter design.

Equipped with 40MHz remote control. This remote control distance is no more than 3 meters. with 6 pieces A2 battery .
Other weakness are, this remote control helicopter is only able to fly stable in the room, it took an extra control in the outdoors because it will not be stable although with a small wind.

Video :

Note : Some of information about Coaxial Rotors is taken from
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