After reaching level 5 in Pokémon GO games, at first I was confused when choosing Pokémon GO team. There are three choices: Team Instinct, Team Mystic, Team Valor. and finally I chose a Team Valor. There are several reasons you should consider in joining the Pokémon GO Team.

First, consider what color the Gym of Pokémon GO that You visit frequently, every Gym of Pokémon GO has a different color, the color that symbolizes the team, for example the Red Gym of every Gym of Pokémon GO symbolizes the Team Valor, when you are at the Gym of Pokémon GO with the same color as the team you have joined, then you entitled to a training facility on the Gym of Pokémon GO.

Second, someday you can get pokemon legend. every Pokémon GO team, has a different Pokémon legends, such as the Team Instinct has electric type of Pokémon Legend, for the Pokémon Legend of Team Mystic has Ice type, for the Pokémon Legend of Team Valor has a Fire type.

Third, the same team can help each other in the battle of Pokémon GO to become the ruler of the gym

I hope this article can help.
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