Indonesian Traditional Toys, Navy Steamship

I was always proud of the Indonesian Traditional Toys, this time is the navy steamship.
One of the traditional toys are already technologically advanced, utilizing steam power to move, without battery and without electrical components. I wonder what the official name, but most people call otok-otok ships because it sounded like it as it moves.

To playing this toys for the beginning fill the ship with water through the two pipes located under the flag, on a burner tool are cotton filled with cooking oil and placed inside the ship.
Exactly same as how the steamship work, hot steam will come out through two pipes which located under the flag, two cannons in front of the ship moves like being shot.
The price is only IDR 15K pure without negotiable, Of The Road (OTR) Surabaya, Indonesia. Cash On Delivery (COD) Kebun Bibit / Flora Garden, Bratang, Surabaya. 
*cod with that sales there.

More detail, check out the following video :

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