Toys Review : Thomas & Friends Orbit Series 360 Rotary

Thomas & Friends is my son's favorite movie and have a lot of toys with the characters of Thomas & Friends he had, but there are always new types of toys with characters thomas & friends got him interested and would like to have. I bought this toy from website the Indonesia's largest online marketplace without even knowing what features of this toy, its name is Thomas & Friends 360 Rotary Orbit Series, I think the locomotive can just go around the track without stopping.

After opening the box contained at least 15 parts on these toys include: Locomotive, Rortary Rail, Base, Assistant Track 4 Track, Signal Lamp, Door Sign, Support Columns Long And Short, fance, Signal Brand, Music Switch. Very easy to assemble these parts because there is an assembling instructions. On locomotive thomas need support 1 piece batrey AA, while the Base or music switches require support 3 pieces AA batrey useful for generating sound and turn on the lights on the track.

Shortly after all the parts are assembled. Not like my previous imagination, the thomas locomotive is trully spinning 360 degrees when climbing the Rotary Rail, a very interesting feature in my opinion is a kind of bridge that can move the locomotive to cross the tracks were cut off and moves 180 degrees. sound and lights on the track will be lit when the locomotive thomas past the bridge / base, a switch that is located under the bridge that will automatically pushed when the locomotive thomas through it, sound like the sound of a train and the railway crossing alarm.

This toy is very creative with features like I mentioned above and can increase children's knowledge about the system. so I can explain how the locomotive can climb up and spinning 360 degrees, how the bridge could carry a locomotive passing through the disconnected track, when the sound and the lights on.

Please see the following video

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