Ganang Yudho Putra Duri, 17, has experienced something unusual in him. He is a man. However, in the body, stored fetus.

Ganang perform surgery on his stomach to lift the fetus that lived for years and is known to die.

Kala toddler, Ganang condition is fine although his stomach looks very distended. Until then when he grew up, he had difficulty breathing.

Initial suspicion, teenagers from the village of Panunggalan, Pulokulon, Grobogan, Central Java, it menglami heart swelling.

However, the examination at RSI Sultan Agung Semarang later found that Ganang "contains" the fetus.

Entered the hospital on (19/10/2017), Ganang then operated today. The fetus in its 3-kilogram body was removed and buried immediately.

Rare but Not the First

Ganang is the son of the couple Masduri and Sri Munastatik. His father was a member of Babinsa Jambon, Kodim 0717 Purwodadi.

Ganang's two older siblings are twin boys and he also has one younger sister.

The condition experienced by ganang is called "fetus in fetu", the fetus that develops in the fetus and then participates in the body when the mother's fetus is born.

Ganang case is rare but not the first in the world.

ABC News in 2006 reported cases that occurred in India. The teenager named Sanju Bhagat was congested and when examined, there were two fetuses in it.

Two fetuses in Bhagat's body are thought to be twins. The fetus was formed with Bhagat but failed to flourish.

Meanwhile, the Medical Daily in 2015 reported a case in which a 40-year-old woman has two twin fetuses in her body, but not her child.

The fetus already has faces, hair, and various other organs, trapped for 4 decades in the woman's body.

According to G Sharma publication in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery in 2010, the case of fetus in fetu occurred only 1 in 500,000 births.

What caused it?

Related to this case, doctor Boy Abidin SpOG, said that Ganang case can be experienced if a mother has twin fetus.

"This is a twin abnormality, there are two kinds of fetus in fetu, sticking like a kangaroo (External Parasitic) or he (fetus) enters in its bengab," he said.

According to Boy, experienced Ganang is the second. "His name is Internal Fetus in Fetu," explained Boy doctor when contacted Kompas.com, Thursday (26/10/2017).

Fetus in fetu itself is an early stage of development, where in one embryo there is a twin fetus.

This generally occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy and usually causes many organs incomplete.

Such an event occurs when in the process of fission mechanism and fetus growth process mechanism in the womb.

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"But if why, we (doctors) baseball never know for sure," he continued.

There are several factors that can affect the mechanism of cell division.

He mentioned factors such as age, race, parity (state of birth, partus), offspring, nutrition, hormonal, and also factors with infertility treatment, may increase the risk of occurrences such as Ganang occur.

"This is more because of spontaneous factors, can be detected by ultrasound examination," he explained.

What about the Ganang case?

After reading the history Ganang, Boy revealed that the "twin" Ganang attached to his stomach grows and grows.

This he concluded because he saw the stomach Ganang continue bulging until make it shortness of breath.

"The fetus still has the placenta, it could be so far, he (twin Ganang) suck the nutrients that enter the body Ganang can stay alive," he added.

"But I know baseball, if it enlarged him alive, maybe from the beginning not very gedhe," he said again.

How to detect someone having this disorder? Boy reveals, if you suspect someone has it, then it is important to recommend that he undergo ultrasound examination.

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