Samsung Galaxy Fold Redesign Hands-on

it's finally here at epoch 2019 Samsung. is finally showing us the new and improved Galaxy fold that folding, smartphone that everybody was very hype. about and also very controversial after a round of reviews earlier this year that resulted in a lot of galaxy folds being damaged Samsung recalled a bunch of them and made some tweaks in the engineering here are the three key.

differences in the new Galaxy fold that is about to launch in Korea and is coming to the UK Germany and Singapore on September 18 first of all there is a new cap built into the hinge now to close up any gaps that were previously allowing dust to get into the mechanism. this will prevent damage from say specks of dirt from getting into that the moving parts and then breaking things with the earlier round of galaxy phone devices people mistook the polymer protective layer for a screen protector and that's why they were kind of peeling it off because it wasn't really lined up to the edges of the display.

so this time Samsung is trying to remove a confusion and make that cooling more difficult by extending the polymer protective layer under the bezels, so this way you can't get your fingernails at the screen it's also been reinforced with an extra metal layer so that it can be more durable, finally due to some engineering and metal improvements they've been able to make the gap between the two sides of the folding screen a little bit smaller than before.

if we can't compare them side-by-side it might not be very obvious and immediate grants but it does look anyway based on my experience a lot smaller on the whole this thing just feels a lot more sturdy than before and it actually locks into place when you open the hinge, now other than those three changes everything else about the Galaxy fold is pretty much the same you've still got a little bit of a crease on that display that people weren't happy about, but again if you are already ok and at peace with that fact.

then this won't why they're you everything else like I said is the same we can fold out the phones to get a larger screen and when you close it there's a smaller main display apps that you first open on the outside screen. open up to extent across that wider panel so that's very handy for something like maps or when you're reading a book for example 5g ready versions will be available in select markets and the one that's available in Korea is already fight you ready. you can already pre-order the Galaxy fold if this is the foldable phone you want but if you want a different orientation or different permutation on the second screen phone remember how it's made X is expected to be unveiled very soon it's got an outside folding screen that folds backwards compared to the Samsung version. so it might be liable to more damage but we haven't really had a chance to test it out fully just yet so we'll have to wait.

we also saw leaks that LG is working on a dual screen smartphone as well but with what looks like a hinge mechanism not a folding screen, so maybe that's what you should be holding out for if you want a DS Lite smartphone. for now I just can't stop playing with the fold it's just so satisfying to open and close and snap shut this is going to probably be very damaged if I keep holding on to it but to see how these three new changes really impact the durability of the Galaxy fold we really have to test it in.

source: youtube engadget

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