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Macro Photography With Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone

As I promised to further review what is in the Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone, more and more I explore the features of the Xiaomi Mi5 camera because of the many cool features of this smartphone should we explore completely. And this time I tried to explore Macro Photography feature. Little explanation of what the macro photography, macro photography is photography at a very close distance to get high detail of a small object but does not require additional magnifying tool.

On Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone has manual focus feature where we can adjust focus distance of the object which we will take just like a DSLR camera, how to enable the manual focus feature only needs to be entered into Modes and then select Manual, then there are four choices: White Balance, Focus, Exposure time, ISO. Select Focus and set the value to the smallest. hold up your smartphone to the object and adjust the distance between the object and the smartphone to get precisely focus.I

I suggest to take more than one photo at different distances between the object and the smartphone to get a good result, select the best and the precise focus and then zoom the photo in 1:1 as original object and see the results. You will be amazed. The opposite of macro photography are Infinity, Infinity is a photography technique used to obtain the focus at far object so that other nearest objects being blurred. I will write the next article about it.

For more details and the steps to do macro photography techniques please look at the following video :

Xiaomi Mi5 Review: Manual Focus Camera Feature

To reduce my thirst and curiosity with the Xiaomi MI5 camera features, a little review and test the Xiaomi MI5 camera will show you why I really wanted to have this one. The first feature that I explore is the manual focus. Manual Focus generally is a featur of DSLR camera, some professional photographer prefer to use the manual focus than auto focus (AF) because is easy to targeting the object focus and only focus on the object.

As I write in Xiaomi Mi5 Purple Unboxing, Xiaomi has bundled a manual focus feature in their MI5 smartphone. Not too difficult to use this feature, You just need to enter modes and choose Manual, on the focus menu, adjust the focus by sliding and snap to object to get the desired focus. I have some examples of the photos and I compare between the original photo and after zooming, the results is incredible.

That picture is the original photo, is the photo of a fly were I take from the top. Unbelievable result when I zoom in the photo, the result You can see at the main picture of this article.

Another photo zooming result is awesome too. To get the best photo You must take more than one snap then choose the best one. I will post another awesome photo in my next article.