Not only more attractive graphics, this games Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 it was very interesting to explore the features and its football tricks. Year by year this game is grow to more realistic and more new football tricks, one of which is Panenka penalty kick, why it's named panenka because for the first time did the trick is a football player named Antonin Panenka.
This trick intended to deceive the goalkeeper during a penalty kick, where the ball as like kicked hard but did not, the ball just bounced softly toward the goal without being able to anticipate by goalkeeper because the goalkeeper had already fallen or wrong side.

In the games pro evolution soccer 2017 this Panenka penalty kick trick also can to do. The basic to doing this trick is by press and hold L1 (PlayStation) / LT (X-Box) and then press the Square Button (PlayStation) / X (X-Box) to a power kick.
You can combine with a drive to left or right, have a few variations on how much power is needed. For example, if a power kick only small You must combine with direct analog controls slightly to the top. But the most effective way to do the trick Panenka penalty kick is by full kicking power : press and hold L1 (PlayStation) / LT (X-Box) + combined with direct analog controls slightly down + press Square button (PlayStation) / X (X-Box) with full power kick.
The explanation why full power more effectively is because the goalkeeper would expect the ball to be kicked hard, so that the goalkeeper will react quicker than the ball.
Please continue to explore variations as I mentioned so that you understand the difference.

For more details watch the video below:

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