Xiaomi Piston 3 Youth Edition Earphone Review

Xiaomi piston 3 youth edition is one of version of the piston family earphone from xiaomi, the design is look simple with no many color. there is 2 choice product color white or black and it just have 3 button to middle button for play or stop or answer call or ending call and the button to volume up or down, in back side have small hole for microphone. 
Xiaomi choose flat cable for this earphone with non glossy color and of course 3.5mm jack. Like the earphone the box design is simple too, what inside the box is piston 3 earphone, and 3 additional ear caps with different size diameter.

About the sound, first I try I was very impressed with the bass it's very rumble in my ears, be carefull with your volume device when you want to put in your ears make sure you have turn down the volume. The stereo sound was very clear better than my last sony earphone. unfortunately the microphone quality is very bad, distance voice capture must be really close to your mouth and the recorded voice not good, I'm more satisfied with my sony earphone than this if about voice record quality.

One trick for new earphone to increase or maximizing the earphone sound capability is, some people said do to sets to maximum power your device volume for minimum 1 hour, but don't put the earphone in your ears. but, I can't feel the difference. maybe it will effect only on expensive earphone, but not bad to try.
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