Review Kids Mode Apps On Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.0 (2016)

Kids Mode Apps On Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

I want to review a bit about kids mode application in the latest tablet from Samsung, Galxy Tab A 7.0.
This app makes me not worry when my kids play this tab, the security features in kids mode is very good. To get out of this mode need a password that has a parent set, so children can not open another application that is in this Tab without parental permission.

This application changed the smart phone into a device that is safe for children to use. The user interface is made very attractive with bright colors and a home screen full of cute characters are liked by children.
There are the games that once a user friendly with cute characters, children can play while learning.

But as a parent, I do not like when children play without knowing the time and this application would have understood my concerns. Parents can set this how long the child allowed to use the gadget. When the time is up, then Croco will fall asleep and the kids will stop playing. If they want to add time to play, children must ask permission from parents. This apps also train children to the discipline of time.

*) For your information, Croco is the name of the Kids mode apps icon

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