Create Animation Stop-Motion Movie With Google Photos

Movie With Google Photos
After my previous post about the animation feature on google photos (Create Gif Animation With Google Photos), there is another interesting feature in google photos that's movie. 
This feature allows you to create a movie from several photos or videos, or combination of both. 
This feature is only available on google photos with android version on the menu assistant, it is not available on web browser.

So, all this movies was created from android smartphone and compiled using movie maker. 
I have tried to create 3 movie. First, from 20 pictures or photos. Second, created from 6 video. And the third created from 3 video.

The movie that has been created very nice with beautiful effects, different in every movie and is combined with the background music. So that the resulting combination is very good, very appropriate if you want to make a movie for personal or to send to others. you just need to be creative with it, the steps are very easy, good luck.

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