StrongCool FYD-738 Notebook Vacuum Fan First Impression

StrongCool FYD-738 Notebook Vacuum Fan
Because I often play games on the notebook makes me worry about the high temperature in my notebook. Then, I decided to buy a Notebook Vacuum Fan to reduce or remove heat in the notebook while playing the game. And my choice is this product, its name is Strongcool Idea Notebook Cooling.

Very light weight of about 60 grams with the roll usb cable for power extendable up to 70 cm and of course only requires 5V of power. there is blue lights LED on the fan and beautify the display. 
To plugs the fan there is a hook can be tighten or loosened, and only can be pluggen in the notebook air hole vertical stripes type. on the box written the speed rotation is 3800 RPM (+ - 10%) but I do not know for sure because I do not have the tools to measure the speed of rotation.

Overall, with the cheap prices this notebook vacuum fan is not bad to have and very effective to reduce of the notebook heat. Can be felt by hand the hot air that comes out from vacuum fan hole. he...he...he...
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