When we are in a game of badminton and the racket strings suddenly broke is a normal thing. However, many people make a mistake when removing the broken racket strings which is be bad for the racket, the racket frame may be cracks or even be broken because the pull of the tension is unbalanced. one more thing is soon to remove the broken strings from the racket so that the racket frame does not crooked.

About the tensions of the badminton racket strings, 22-25 lbs
according to the theory of the trampoline effect, the strength of the shuttlecock rebound will be great, excellent for beginners who are just learning to play badminton, the racket strings is not easily be broken, the disadvantages is less good accuracy and control. 27-28 lbs very fitting if we want stability and accuracy of the shuttlecock rebound. about 29-30 lbs tension, typically used by professional badminton players, because the accuracy of the shuttlecock rebound will be very good and the power is not a problem because they are professionals, but if you use it to the fake racket the frame can cracks or broken and usually strings alsp easy to broken.

About the knots. For the 2 knots, usually the strings not easy be broken, because it binds only two knots over time will adjust string tension and tension load to be evenly distributed and stretchy. For the 4 knot, the tension of the strings will be stable and not easily stretched.

The following are the steps how to correct release racquet strings were broken.
First, you need to prepare tool is a sharp pair of scissors.
Second, cut the strings with scissors crosswise from left bottom to right top or otherwise, cut all until none of the tight strings.
Third, remove the parts of the racket strings that have been cut.

Hopefully this info is useful to you, see the video below for more details

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