This morning I discovered something new, sometimes when I looked at someone else's youtube video, there was something yellow on a video bar. I think it's automated by a decisive youtube system. short story, this morning I tried to see my youtube video settings and compare one with the other.
In the past I do not understand why every time we upload a video, sometimes there are ad-breaks settings and I understand that videos that last less than 10 minutes have no ad-breaks option, and videos that have a duration of more than 10 minutes have ad-breaks settings.

So we can set ad-breaks and place some ads in our videos with a certain duration (as shown) as we want and there seems to be no limit to how many ads we place, even if the ads will appear on every ad-breaks or not it's the youyube authority itself, as I know not all ad-breaks contain ads, sometimes zonk hehehe

Well, this can we use to increase our ad revenue on youtube. with ad-breaks tricks is our chance to increase revenue from ads that appear in our videos become larger. but do not get too blind by placing ad-breaks every minute like the picture above hehehe. we should also pay attention to the convenience of the person who saw our video and returned to it as I wrote above that not all ad-breaks will contain advertisements, but if you want to get rich quick it's up to Tou to try.
Well, this easy to be interesting info for you all.
Good luck.

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Indeed YouTube provided the best feature for the video makers to earn the handsome amount of money from videos. Well placing ads sensibly will guarantee the success.