Choosing a Digital Distributor for your music

Ok, after reading the article a few hours from night until this morning, and from yesterday also read and read the article. For you musicians who want to distribute your music online, please read this ARI article: This is the best, superb, review and comparison.

Some Digital Distribution service providers, some paying in front of a dozen dollars, or grab royalties a few percent thereafter. There is also a 100% free, not pay and do not take royalties for example Freshtune and Amuse. They are looking for revenue from other features, like making album art and more. It seems I'll try that 100% free. And maybe somebody asks why I want to signup with them? Did not I already signup with local Digital Label?

Incidentally I yesterday asked to Label, what I may be selling songs elsewhere if the song is different from the contract with them? (I contracted 6 songs on the mini album "8 Minutes ago", and if I can use the same name, or have other names? They answer "Yes", as long as it is not 6 songs contracted, and the same name is free to use, WOW , good news is not it?

Apparently, I have the freedom to expand my music business elsewhere, without breaking the contract because in this era, we must move ourselves, do not just rely on 1 or 2 sources of income, we must expand.

Then why do I still use the local Label, While many options are more seductive, Wider network, take less royalties, even for free! Yes because I need their connection to local, like RBT, and opportunity for other things, like yesterday had time to play in sinetron, and invited to some premiere of film, because my label under big Production house, so the connection is wide.

Well, for those of you who want to know about Digital Distributor which one suits you guys? Read this SUPERB article:, and decide what you want to join.

I suggest just try some and compare. But remember, only 1 release for one Distributor, otherwise it will clash and be a problem! TAG your friends who are musicians huh!

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