The Difference Between Front-End, Back-End, And Full-Stack Developer

The Difference Between Front-End, Back-End, And Full-Stack Developer

The Difference Between Front-End, Back-End, And Full-Stack Developer

Developer outline can be regarded as a trained programmer. Not only understand about coding, but he also designs in accordance with a provision or requirement. Then he also performs optimized performance, security and others. In the world of Web Developer we often hear Front End Developer, Back End Developer and Full Stack Developer, here is the meaning of each.

1. Front End Developer.

Front-End Developer is a programmer job that only take care of its appearance, such as web designing, arranging layout and layout at Front End part of a website is part which directly seen by user. Users can also directly interact with the User Interface on a website. This section is built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML (HyperText Markup Languange) is the backbone of the web. All websites you visit are created using HTML. HTML determines the structure and content of the website. The last version of HTML is HTML5. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a programming language that controls the appearance of HTML on web pages. CSS determines the colors, fonts, background images, and even how the overall look of a website.

The last version of CSS is CSS3, which adds features like interactivity and basic animation. We can create a website using only HTML and CSS, but what really will make your website look good is JavaScript. With JavaScript, you can do many things, such as interactivity, more complex animations, and even you can also create Fully Featured Web Application. Skill required to become a Front-End Developer that is HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, jQuery and other Java Script Library. A Fron-End Developer does not need to understand the workflow and algorithm of a web, just have to understand design and put layout is as attractive as possible.

2.  BackEnd Developer.

Back-End Devloper is a programmer job that takes care of the back of the screen from a website or works on the Behind The Scenes website and has an edge over front-end technology for more specific projects like workflow, logic and web algorithms. Back-End Developer task is only the processor, then receive data from the input and process the data received from the input, then send it and displayed to the user through the browser. Skills that must be needed to become a Back-End Developer is to master the language such as PHP, ASP and JSP. PHP is a Server Side language that is popular and widely used among developers. Most content management systems are built through Back-End Programming, for example in complex web applications. Learning coding will teach you to find the best solution for various problems, and sometimes Back End Programming is part of the solution. To build a website that runs well, Back-End Developer usually works with Front-End Developer.

Full-Stack Developer is a programmer who takes care of the tasks of Front End and Back End Developer. Full-Stack Developer is able to design the look and layout of a website (like a Front-End Developer) and able to understand the path of workflow and algorithm of a website. To be a Full-Stack Developer does not seem easy, the article you should be able to master the skills of a Front End and Back End Developer. The current technological developments make the difference between Front End and Back End Development becoming less. Many things that previously could only be done in the Back End, can be done also through the Front End.

This makes the more developers who master the Front End and Back End Programming at once. At this time, being a Full Stack Developer also adds your special value in the eyes of the company. However, being a Full Stack Developer does not mean having to work on the whole code either Front End or Back End of a website. Most Full Stack Developers still spend time on one part of Programming course. However, the advantage of Full Stack Developer is that they can analyze problems in both parts of Programming. There are also some Full Stack Developers who do everything themselves, usually this happens if they are Freelance or the only Developer working on a Project.

The most interesting part of Web Development is its evolving nature. What is meant as Front End or Back End at the moment, could change drastically in the next few years. Learning both will make you more value, adaptable, and forward-looking.
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