Quick Review And First Impression Yi 360 VR Camera

Quick Review And First Impression Yi 360 VR Camera

Finally I write a post again after so long, is there a miss with my article? Ah, although no one missed me I would still write for myself.

It does not take too long to preamble, I'll share my first impression when I first open, hold and operate the new device I can buy after long time I want it, yes it's about Yi 360 VR Camera.

Operating very simple with very easy to understand menus, after exploring just a few minutes I already understand the function on each menu, the next thing is to try to use it.

Firstly, as the instructions of manual book, install apps on my android device is Yi 360, after the installation of the apps, the initial page is offered to connect the android smartphone to the 360VR device via a wifi connection and connect easily.

Completeness of what is obtained from the product package Yi 360 VR Camera this? of course the main device is the camera itself, then mini tripod, 1400 MaH battery, pouch bag, lens cleaner cloth, manual book and some product catalog from xiaoyi. special for this mini tripod that I like is the material is made of metal material

Because I am confused to write what else, then please directly see the video unboxing below. and I include the results of itsits photo, for the video quality may I review in the next article.

Yi 360 VR Photo Original File

Yi 360 VR Photo Edit HDR

Yi 360 VR Tiny Planet Mode

Yi 360 VR Tiny Planet Zoomed

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