The Funniest Way To Hide A Game Console From Your Wife

It's no secret that every husband in the whole world likes to play games, but there is a big problem that interferes with their hobbies, are wives who don't like it when their husbands spend time playing games, wives also don't like it when their husbands spend money to buy the latest console games that are definitely expensive.

But it actually makes the husband more creative to find ways to be able to continue playing their hobby to play games, even recently there are many ways on the internet to avoid being caught by the wife when the husbands buy the latest console game.

Here is an example of a husband's way to hide their expensive console games:

PS5 is hidden inside the PC case
How To Hide Game Console

I think it's very creative to hide PlayStation on a PC, your wife won't know that it's an expensive PS console.

Camouflage PS to become a Router
How To Hide Game Console

It's also very creative by adding two antennas to the PlayStation console as if it were a Wifi Router, guaranteed your wife can't tell the difference.

Assemble the PC Gaming using Classic PC Case
How To Hide Game Console

Just thought of seeing this picture, this is very effective and can save the cost of an expensive gaming PC case. your wife also won't ask how expensive the computer is because she will only see the old case.

Assemble the gaming PC using a water dispenser.
How To Hide Game Console

It looks very eccentric and I think this idea is a little crazy by using a water dispenser to assemble a gaming PC. I'm sure 100% your wife will not know, not even anyone else.

Store an expensive GPU Card in a food box.
How To Hide Game Console

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