Huawei FreeBuds Studio Review, Is Definitely Charming


Huawei FreeBuds Studio Review

Talking about headphones, this device has always been known to have excellent sound quality, and the most important point of this device, and perhaps not shared by similar music listening devices, is a matter of comfort when used for a long period of time and various breakthrough features. sophisticated contemporary. At least that's what you can get at Huawei FreeBuds Studio, don't believe it? Try to see the following reviews.


It is undeniable that the first impression that will come when you see this device, is definitely the charming design of the Huawei FreeBuds Studio. The device that I tested was black, quite masculine and that impression also reached the quality of the material which if you gripped it felt very sturdy and light, with a weight of maybe around 260g if you carried it.

The black bandage then, the contrasting color that is connected to the silver steel arm that is connected to the earplugs or ear cups, the solid impression is inevitable. And the earplugs that are present at FreeBuds Studio are the right size, and don't look too big, making the appearance of this FreeBuds Studio cute.

Then both ear cups feel well placed in the ears, and when worn on the top of the head strap is very comfortable, and in the user's experience, this device does not leave pain when wearing it for hours on end.


Huawei has given serious thought to the technology packaged in FreeBuds Studio. This device is equipped with the Kirin A1 chipset and supports Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology.

Huawei has claimed that its ANC technology can reduce sound up to 40 decibels. Then the device is connected via a Bluetooth 5.2 connection, these headphones also bring benefits to smartphone users with the EMUI 10 operating system and above. Because users can get features such as Quick Pairing to the headphone battery indicator.

Then that makes it interesting again that the FreeBuds Studio frequency range reaches 4Hz to 48kHz, then there are four microphones on each side that can detect ambient sound and this is supported by sensors in the headphones that ping 100 times per second, detect the environment and adjust the noise cancellation to work.

Based on usage, noise cancellation is indeed the ultimate feature of FreeBuds Studio, When you activate awareness mode, it is guaranteed that as long as the use of these ANC headphones provides a satisfying experience when the anti-noise feature is activated, the sound quality of the headphones does not decrease, you can still hear clearly ambient sound without removing the headphones from your head.

For connection, connecting to the device can be easily and quickly, not even when the use of finding a problem in terms of consistency.

Then regarding the call quality, the sound clarity is not in doubt, there is a microphone in this headphone, approximately six microphones are used to properly capture what you say.


And this part is no less interesting. In the ear cup of the FreeBuds Studio device, it saves the sensor to operate the device, you just have to touch the sensor on the right side of the ear cup. Double tap to play or mute music. Or also to accept and end phone calls. Then when you swipe to the direction, functions to increase the volume, and vice versa swipe down to reduce the volume.

Then if the headphones are removed, the music you are listening to turns off automatically, so that it can continue again when FreeBuds Studio is put on again, so you won't miss a second of music, podcasts, or video content that you are playing at that time.

Then on the left ear cup, there is an ANC button. There you can set the desired noise cancellation mode so that we are alert to ambient sounds. And Freebuds Studio can also be operated using the Huawei AI Life application which can be accused on AppGallerry or scanning the QR Code on the packaging.


Regarding battery capacity, it doesn't seem like a problem during standard usage. The average total lifetime of these headphones during the trial period is estimated at 6 hours, generally used for listening to music, zooming meetings, watching YouTube or listening to podcasts, the author did not find any significant problems in this case, the battery during usage has never run out.

Indeed, one of the advantages of this device is the durability of the battery. The lifetime of this device can be a full 24 hours, with just one charge. Even in a description, in just 10 minutes of battery charge, FreeBuds Studio can perform ANC playback for five hours and eight hours without ANC.

Huawei FreeBuds Studio is a powerful headphone device, rich in features and sound quality that I can claim the best of.

What is impressive, of course, from the comfort of use that can be imagined, the headphones with active use do not leave pain or soreness in the ears, which I generally feel when using this type of device.

And the ability of ANC, as long as the author's experience using wireless headphones, FreeBuds Studio is the most "OK" to have, moreover, the sound suppression feature does not interfere with the quality of the music being listened to while working, the ambient sound can still be heard clearly. In contrast to the next brand, which even when activating the noise canceling feature, the music that is being heard is lost or does not turn off, it only focuses on listening to ambient sounds.

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