Amazfit GTS Mini Smartwatch Review, Small And Light


Amazfit GTS Mini Smartwatch Review

As the name implies, this watch is quite small. The dimensions are more compact than smartwatches in general. It fits perfectly on a woman's arm. If you are a man or a woman who likes a minimalist watch, you will love the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini.


As the name suggests, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is the smaller cousin of the Amazfit GTS 2. Size is the biggest difference between the two smartwatches. The rest, there are a number of features that are trimmed, but the essential features are still complete.

The 40mm case weighs 19g light and is slimmer at 8.95mm compared to 42mm which is slightly thicker and heavier in the other GTS 2 models. You get a titanium alloy and plastic around the back.

Combined with a detachable 20mm silicone strap and this strap is water resistant up to 50 meters, making it safe for swimming and bathing.

The reduction in size is accompanied by a decrease in screen resolution, with a 1.55-inch AMOLED touchscreen display at 354 x 306 pixels. But the screen is still very sharp and bright, even in the sun. The screen sensitivity is very responsive.

There's no denying the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini looks like the Apple Watch, but it's the cheap version, complete with a metallic frame. There's also a button on the side that rotates, but it can't scroll the screen like an Apple watch.

I personally really like the design of the GTS 2 Mini, it's neat, light, compact and all black. Don't feel tired wearing it on the wrist all day long.


At almost half the price of the GTS 2, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini houses the same sensor under its frame. The most important is the BioTracker PPG 2 sensor which was developed in-house by Huami. This sensor is responsible for continuous heart rate monitoring on the smartwatch as well as the SpO2 or blood oxygen tracking feature.

In addition, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is also equipped with a built-in GPS so you don't have to carry your phone while running.

The smartwatch packs a 1.55-inch 354 × 306 pixel AMOLED display. If you have slim wrists, it's a great fit for the Mini over the bigger GTS 2.

The design is similar, but simpler. It has a similar square appearance that curves around the edges. It looks more or less the same as the first generation Amazfit GTS.


The device packs 70 activity tracking modes, while the GTS 2 offers 90 modes. Some of the modes have disappeared, but maybe you won't feel the difference because most of the modes are still available.

Unfortunately, there are some features missing including voice assistant. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini does not support offline voice control. The device also doesn't come with the built-in Amazon Alexa intelligence like the GTS 2. Because there's no voice assistant and the ability to answer calls, the GTS 2 Mini doesn't have a microphone or speaker.

The Mini also doesn't have 3GB of internal storage. Meaning, you can't store music locally on it. However, you can control your phone's music through your watch using Bluetooth connectivity.

Battery life

The consequence of the Minmalis body is of course that the battery capacity is also smaller, 220mAh. But the GTS 2 Mini can last nearly double the battery life under typical use. In fact, Amazfit promises up to seven days of battery life on intense usage.

In our test, we activated the heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, 100-150 raise-to-wake, two-to-three SpO2 readings, and 30 minutes of exercise each day, the GTS 2 Mini still had 33% of the battery remaining after a week.

If your usage is more casual than that, the smartwatch can last around 10 days. But it might be shorter if you set the screen to always be on, you might get only seven days.

Sleep tracker

Like the GTS 2, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini also gives you a detailed sleep analysis. It can track the stages of light, deep, and REM sleep.

In our experience, smartwatches are accurate in measuring sleep schedules. If one night you can't fall asleep, the watch will log you slumbering and show your heart rate has increased.

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini provides a sleep score based on breath quality, proportion of restful sleep and other factors.

The sleep-breathing quality feature has a score of 100 and is plotted on a bar that changes from red (bad) to green (good).

Heart rate reader

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is good at taking manual heart rate readings. All heart rate and oximeter measurements match my rate. However, the watch fails to take an accurate reading if you are exercising. So maybe you should check your resting heart rate.


The GPS on the Amazfit GTS 2 reads pretty fast, but it tends to mark colors out of line. On the route map within the Zepp app, the smartwatch shows you cycling along a line, which may actually be on the other side. Regarding route mapping, this watch gives a good idea of where you've been.

No third party application support

Like all basic Amazfit smartwatches, the GTS 2 Mini also doesn't provide support for third-party apps or watch faces. You won't be able to send your fitness stats to other apps like Google Fit or access music services like Spotify.

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