Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review, Smart Way To Find Lost Stuff


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

Apart from being able to be used to find lost items, Galaxy SmartTag can also do various things such as ringing connected cellphones to automation features of Internet of Things devices.

The shape of the Galaxy SmartTag is a bit bigger than my estimate, it is about 1.5 times bigger than a coin. It is so light that it doesn't really feel like it in the hand

The exterior of the Galaxy SmartTag uses a sturdy plastic material with a matte black color. For now, Samsung does not provide other color variants for the Galaxy SmartTag.

At the top of the Galaxy SmartTag, there is a hole that can be used to attach this gadget to the item you want to monitor its location, such as a key or even a pet collar.

There is a button hidden in the middle of the device, right in the area of ​​the Galaxy SmartTag logo. This button functions to perform various actions with the cellphone that is connected later. And also in the Galaxy SmartTag there is a speaker to issue notification or alarm sounds.

The Galaxy SmartTag uses a standard CR2032 battery that is used in watches as its power source. According to information from Samsung, this battery should last for one time before it needs to be replaced.

If the battery needs to be replaced later, simply open the Galaxy SmartTag through the small hole at the bottom using a tool such as a small flat screwdriver or a thin coin.

To use the Galaxy SmartTag, you need to first connect to a Samsung Galaxy cellphone via the SmartThings application. Unfortunately the Galaxy SmartTag cannot be used for mobile phones outside the Samsung Galaxy brand. The connection process is done via Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE technology.

The SmartThings application itself is an application that becomes the control center for IoT devices on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, both for controlling devices issued by Samsung or other parties. The features are abundant but it might be a little confusing at first.

Through SmartThings, we can find the Galaxy SmartTag that has been connected to his cellphone. You can also check the Galaxy SmartTag's battery status through this application so that the battery can be replaced before it runs out.

There are three options provided by SmartThings to search for the Galaxy SmartTag, namely through the radar which will tell us how close we are to the Galaxy SmartTag, navigation with a map, and sounding ringtones.

Navigation through the map is useful to go to the area around the last position of the Galaxy SmartTag but it cannot find the exact device. When you are close to the position of the Galaxy SmartTag, then use the radar feature to get closer to the Galaxy SmartTag.

On the radar display, we will tell you how close we are to the Galaxy SmartTag. When SmartTag is close and connected to a cellphone, the ring feature can be used to make searching easier.

In my experience, the Galaxy SmartTag can be detected on a cellphone via a Bluetooth connection at a distance of up to about 25 meters and this is a situation with a barrier. Reach quite far enough to find the device.

Sophisticated, Galaxy SmartTag can bring up the current location even when I'm not connected to my cellphone. This is because of the Galaxy Find Network technology that can take advantage of other Samsung Galaxy cellphones around the Galaxy SmartTag.

However, there is an important note that in order for this feature to work, the other Samsung Galaxy cellphones must have the SmartThings application installed and activate the Offline Finding feature. There are indeed many Samsung cellphone users in Indonesia today, but who knows how many fit these criteria.

I have tested this feature in a mall where there are quite a lot of visitors but my Galaxy SmartTag cannot be detected. When I tried to place the Galaxy SmartTag in my colleague's house whose Samsung Galaxy cellphone had the SmartThings application installed, then the device was detected.

Apart from being able to easily find lost items, the Galaxy SmartTag can also sound an alarm on the connected cellphone by pressing the button in the middle of the device twice.

This button can be configured to perform a specific action when squeezed once or when pressed and then held. Some of the actions that can be taken are controlling other IoT devices, notifying someone, changing location modes, or activating certain schemes.

Galaxy SmartTag may be useful for those who often forget things or want their location to be monitored. Unfortunately this device is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy cellphones.

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