Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Launched SF5 Electric SUV Car


Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Launched SF5 Electric SUV Car

Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies succeeded in producing the SF5 electric SUV developed in partnership with the Seres automotive brand. 

Will be sold and marketed by Huawei in all of its main stores in China.

 The advantage of the SF5 is that it has two electric motors that drive the all-wheel powertrain and produce up to 543-horsepower and 820Nm of torque, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.68 seconds, with an all-electric instrument. 

A 10 minute charge can cover 180 kilometers. That's thanks to (NEDC) or pure electric mode.

With NEDC technology or pure electric mode. explains how SF5 can cover 1,000 km. Amazingly Huawei because they focus on the DriveONE Three-in-One Electric Drive system. 

This is not only a solution to improve battery life and vehicle mileage but also to deliver a world-class coupe.

Built with a lightweight aluminum chassis, double-wishbone front suspension with four ball joints, and trapezoidal multi-link rear suspension, the SF5 is called a "performance monster". 

Unsurprisingly, most of Huawei's focus has been on the car's internal technology, such as the Huawei HiCar system, which provides a mobile application accessing the car's central control panel to navigation, music, and more. 

Already like a robot. Cool. Price? 216,800 Yuan or USD 33419,66

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