JBL T110 Earphones Review, Incredible Powerful Bass


JBL T110 Earphones Review

JBL is known for its audio products of the highest quality and is able to compete with other classy audio products. Even though they are priced very affordable, the quality of the JBL T110 earphones is still competitive.

The design of the JBL T110 earphones, the appearance of these earphones is not too prominent, you could say it is similar to earphones in general. However, there are differences in the housing of the JBL T110, which has a round shape with a glossy appearance that is slightly tilted.

With an oblique shape, it can actually increase comfort when using. The housing is made of plastic, but it doesn't sound cheap, you know! The material used is thick so that it is durable and still comfortable.

On the microphone section, it is equipped with a button that has many functions. Like a phone, turn on music (play) or pause. For the jack, it has an L shape that is slightly angled.

JBL T110 Sound Quality, Switch to sound quality. The price offered is comparable to the sound quality of the JBL T110 earphones. The character of the sound that is issued is warmer with a strong and deep enough bass boom.

For the mid bass, you can feel it when listening to a song or double bass pedal sound. If you like listening to metal music, these earphones can still be your mainstay.

For the vocals, it's quite clear and satisfying. The sound isolation of this JBL headset is quite good

Compatibility & Comfort, It's not just the design and sound quality that deserves a thumbs up. These JBL T110 earphones have great comfort too! For daily use, these earphones can work well. Ears comfortable and still produces comfortable ear audio.

The advantages of the JBL T110 earphones are, of course, they have a very affordable price and offer features and specifications that are no less competitive with earphones in its class. The sound quality that is issued is also comfortable for the ears and is suitable for daily activities. Also accompanied by good build quality.

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