Twitter Buy Scroll News Reading Service Without Ads

Twitter Buy Scroll News Reading Service Without Ads

Twitter is in the middle of a plan to work on a subscription service on its platform. This can be seen from the acquisition of the Revue subscription newsletter platform, to the introduction of the "Super Follow" feature for exclusive content.

Now, Twitter has announced that it has acquired Scroll, a subscription site that allows subscribers to read news without ads.

In a post on the official blog, Twitter's VP of product, Mike Park revealed that, Twitter's acquisition of Scroll aims to provide Twitter users with a comfortable news reading experience without ads.

In addition, it is also to provide even more benefits for news organizations that are partners with Scroll.

"In the future, Scroll will be part of the subscription service on Twitter that we are working on," said Mike Park. The value of Twitter's acquisition of Scroll itself is not overlooked.

However, Scroll CEO Tony Haile said that one of the reasons he sold the company was because "Twitter's ambitions are bigger than people think."

In addition, another thing that made Haile eventually sell his company was that he shared a vision to help create a sustainable business model for the journalism industry.

"Jack's mission for us is to bring the business model and scrolling platform to Twitter, so that more Twitter users can enjoy reading news without ads and support journalism in a sustainable manner by subscribing," wrote Haile on the official Scroll page.

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