Smartphone That Can Change Color And Charge 100 Percent In 10 Minutes

Smartphone That Can Change Color And Charge 100 Percent In 10 Minutes

Smartphone vendor from China, Infinix, showed off a prototype of a cellphone with its latest fast charging technology, named "Ultra Fast Charge".

This cellphone that supports the Fast Charging standard with 160 Watts of power is named "Concept Phone 2021". The technology was showcased by Infinix through a video uploaded to the Twitter account @Infinix_Mobile) this week.

In the video shared, Infinix demonstrates the capabilities of its super-fast charging technology to charge a 4,000mAh cell phone battery.

Tests show the Infinix phone battery is charged to 50 percent in just 4 minutes 16 seconds. Then at the 7th minute, the phone battery is 80 percent charged. Until finally the battery is fully charged in the 10th minute.

Infinix mentions that the 160 Watt charging speed is a combination of several technologies, including Ultra Flash Charge (UFC), Super Charge Pump, and a new 8C battery cell that is claimed to be able to reduce more than 18 percent of internal resistance. This phone is said to have a charging conversion efficiency of up to 98.6 percent.

Infinix claims that the Concept Phone 2021 has 20 temperature sensors and intelligent control algorithms (Intelligent Control Algorithms) to ensure the phone will not generate heat temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

In addition to super-fast battery charging, the Infinix concept phone also has a back color that can change thanks to the application of solid electrochromic film (SECF) and electroluminescence.

The color can change from silver gray when receiving a call, and bright blue when charging.

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