3 Android Games That Can Make You Angry And Lost Control

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Try playing 3 Android games that can make you angry! Playing games should be entertainment to relieve stress or for entertainment, especially if the game you play is your favorite game.

But, remember don't choose the wrong game! because some games don't make you fun, but instead make you angry and lose your temper. These games are deliberately created to make players angry out of curiosity. Yep, it's usually games of this type that succeed in causing addiction to the players. As a result, gamers continue to play and even recommend their friends to join in playing. Like the following games Guys:

Flappy Bird

You could say, this game is a pioneer of the annoying games that exist until now. Yep, had reached a golden era until it was finally removed in 2014, Flappy Bird offers a really simple gameplay. We are only asked to fly birds and avoid pipes.

It's that simple, but it's not that easy to play. It's proven that there are a lot of people who are annoyed with this game but still play. In fact, many other game vendors are trying to imitate Flappy Bird. Although in the end Flappy Bird was discontinued, this game once made hundreds of millions of people angry.

>>Download Flappy Birds (Playstore)

Cat Mario

This game is really really annoying, there are lots of gaming YouTubers who play this game! The famous among them is Pew Die Pie.

The game concept is similar to Super Mario Bros., with a white cat character. At first glance, there's nothing strange about it, but when you play it, you'll find unreasonable traps.

Even Power Ups, which are supposed to be strengths for characters in the game, can actually turn out to be a deadly disaster.

Anyway, this original is really annoying!

>>Download Cat Mario

BadBat Shooter

The next stressful game is BadBat Shooter, the game concept is similar to the classic space shooter game, when I tried this game it only got 1100 on my highest score. BadBat Shooter, is a fantasy arcade game with simple gameplay and easy to play for all ages.

This game trains concentration and reflexes. No need internet connection, You can play this game while your phone internet connection is offline. Try it if you can surpass the high score of 1100!

How to download/install BadBat Shooter:

- Open the Play Store, type in the search field for badbat shooter or click the following link >>Download BadBat Shooter

- press the install button, wait a while until the installation process is complete.

- play the BadBat Shooter.

Game play:

- PLAY button to start playing.

- During the game, Tilt the phone left/right to move. Tap on the screen to Pause/Pause.

- HIGH SCORE button to see the highest score ever obtained

>>DOWNLOAD BadBat Shooter<<

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