How to Make a Top 9 Instagram Collage on iPhone

Usually at the end of the year, we will collect memories throughout the year and reminisce or share them with friends or family. One way is to make Instagram Top 9 collages via iPhone devices.

For those of you who don't know, Instagram Top 9 is a trend to make collages of the most liked photos that you have shared on your Instagram account. There are many choices of applications to create Instagram Top 9 in the App Store and one of them is Top 9 for Instagram Photos. In this article, I will share how to use Top 9 for Instagram Photos to create an Instagram Top 9 on your account.

How to Make Instagram Top 9 on iPhone

1. Please download the Top 9 for Instagram Photos application on the App Store. This application is available for free.

2. After installation, open Top 9 for Instagram Photos and write down the Username you are using.

3. Top 9 for Instagram Photos will check your account and find the 9 photos with the most likes. Let this process run behind the scenes. When finished, this application will provide a notification indicating that the Top 9 Instagram search process is complete.

4. When finished, press the main column on the screen and the results of Top 9 for Instagram Photos for your account will appear.

5. Make the necessary settings such as Background Color, Text Color and Post Settings according to your taste.

6. When finished, save the photos from Top 9 for Instagram Photos to Photos or directly share them on social media.

In addition, Top 9 for Instagram Photos is also available in a Pro version which means it is paid. You can only pay 29 thousand Rupiah to subscribe to Top 9 for Instagram Photos for the next year. By using Top 9 for Instagram Photos Pro, there are additional template settings that you can use, removing the watermark and also customizing the text used.

The Top 9 for Instagram Photos application is safe to use because it does not ask for a password from your Instagram account. You only need to provide a username, without email data or other privacy matters. You could even say you can make a Top 9 Instagram collage for anyone's account because it's enough to just write down the Instagram username. 

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