How to Make Twitter Wrapped on iPhone and MacBook Device

How to Make Twitter Wrapped on iPhone and MacBook Device

The trend of using the "wrapped" feature has finally arrived on Twitter. After appearing Spotify Wrapped and Youtube Recap, recently Twitter netizens were shocked by the Twitter Wrapped feature.

Twitter Wrapped is a trend that carries the concept of a kaleidoscope that will display words from users' tweets. These words were obtained from random user tweets throughout 2021. Then, the selected words will be arranged in a typography in the form of a twitter logo, globe, etc. according to the user's choice.

The words that stand out the most in the typography indicate that they are the most frequently tweeted by users. Users can create Twitter Wrapped through a third party site called Floom.

How to Make Twitter Wrapped in Floom:

1. Open at the following link.

2. Register for an account (sign-up) using your email.

3. Verify account registration by entering the code sent to the registration email.

4. After the registration process is complete, log in to the floom site.

5. After successfully logging in, enter your Twitter account username to create a Twitter Wrapped on behalf of that account.

6. Make sure the Twitter account you enter is public or unlocked.

7. Select a background image or background.

8. Press the "Order for Free" button to start the Twitter Wrapped creation process.

9. After the process is complete, you can directly download Twitter Wrapped by pressing the "Download" button.

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