iPhone Has a Fake GPS Feature Without Jailbreak? This Is How It Works

iPhone Has a Fake GPS Feature Without Jailbreak

Do you often use location-based services or websites that don't support your current position? Suppose you want to make an Uber order for your family at home, but you are currently abroad. Or want to take part in an online auction on eBay, for example, with locations in the United States and other countries. To make this activity easier, you need to change your location or fake your position on GPS or Fake GPS with your iPhone.

Does the App Store support apps with the Fake GPS feature? Unfortunately no, Apple forbids apps with user location changing features from appearing in the App Store. But you can use Fake GPS on your iPhone in other ways, not from an app in the App Store.

Fake GPS explanation on iPhone

In simple terms, the Fake GPS method in this tutorial is to change the location of the iPhone device that you are using, to the required area via a Mac device.

How to Use Fake GPS on iPhone:

  1. Download and Install AnyGo for Mac or Windows.
  2. Connect your iPhone to a computer that has AnyGo installed. Find the Fake GPS location that you want to use. For example I will choose the state of New York.
  3. After the desired position of the display on the main screen, press Go.
  4. Done, now you can open Google Maps or Apple Maps and check the current location on your iPhone, then your position will appear in New York.

In addition to Fake GPS or teleport location, AnyGo also supports Jump Teleport Mode. The difference is that Jump Teleport Mode will make several point trip locations that you can do, as if you were walking from point A to B. Plus, AnyGo also supports a route simulation mode for traveling from point A to B with a path that you can choose individually. details. All of these settings are in the upper right of the AnyGo application display window on your computer.

It must be noted, to reset or turn off Fake GPS on an iPhone device, please restart the device.

Examples of using Fake GPS are online shopping web access from unsupported countries, playing games with a specific country location server, or doing location-based digital timesheets.

Unfortunately Fake GPS with AnyGo does not apply to displaying content from applications such as Netflix regional United States from unsupported countries, even though I've pointed to New York.

This application can be downloaded for free for Trial Mode. If you want to continue using AnyGo, you can purchase the app for prices starting at $20.

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