Why Spiderman Have Three Different Version And Actors?

Why Spiderman Have Three Different Version And Actors?

Why have there been so many and so many different spider-man actors over the past decade? There are already three different actors who play superheroes with spider-like abilities. What's the exact reason the Spider-Man movies were remade until the newest one could finally join the Avengers?

If you are interested in the questions above, please read this article to the end, because we will discuss the reasons why the Spiderman actor was replaced and the film was remade. Here is a full explanation:

Who doesn't know Spider-Man? The character who has been named the most favorite superhero character in 57 countries is very well known throughout the world. What is different from other Marvel superheroes, Spiderman is liked by many people thanks to his uniqueness.

However, as we all know, Spiderman's cast has changed frequently in recent years. Unlike Iron-Man, which was played by the one and only Robert Downey Jr. for eleven years without being replaced by other actors or Hugh Jackman, he played Wolverine for 17 years consistently. The Spiderman actor has changed roles several times.

There are a number of factors that caused the Spiderman cast to change actors, one of which was the film that was considered a failure and the bad studio decision until finally Spiderman gained success with the selection of Tom Holland as the new Spiderman actor.

Now we will discuss in depth so that you all know the reason why Spiderman is played by three different actors.

Previously, you had to know beforehand that Marvel had experienced a crisis that brought them to bankruptcy. This happened around 1998 when Marvel decided to seek capital so that their comics business could be saved, for that they sold their character licenses to several large studios to get capital. At the same time, a Sony Pictures executive named Yair Landau was looking for a way to get the rights or widescreen licenses for the Spiderman character.

The former Marvell CEO named Perlmutter was interested in offering Sony licensing rights for every Marvel character including Iron-Man, Thor, Blackpanther and Ant-man for purchase for 25 million dollars. If Sony is willing to pay for it then they are entitled to a license and can make live-action films from these Marvel characters.

However, Sony was not interested in all the characters that Marvel offered him, only one character, namely Spider-Man, which they bought for 7 million dollars. Of course, by buying Spiderman, it includes supporting characters and those who have a direct relationship with Spider-Man. So it's no wonder characters like Venom, Morbius, Craft the hunter, MJ, Gwen, Blackcat and even Sinister Six are included in Spiderman's sales package.

From then on Sony had a full license for the Spiderman character and they could freely make live action films.

While Marvel itself is in a fairly large debt with Disney and in 2009 Disney officially bought Marvel to be part of their franchise, therefore until now Marvel is under the auspices of Disney and every time they release a film they have to discuss it with Disney as their boss. So it's not surprising that the rating for their film is at PG-13 because Disney is famous for being friendly to children, so with PG-13 or parental guidance, their films can be enjoyed by all ages and are suitable as family films.

Back to the main focus after Sony had licensed Spiderman, they then started to take advantage of it and released the first spider-man film in 2002 this film is considered a rapid development for the superhero film industry in Hollywood. Because of the explosion of the Spider-Man films, they were able to make huge profits, 821 million dollars at the worldwide box office. A very impressive figure for a film's income even for this day and age. it's no wonder that with this success, Sony is optimistic to continue the Spiderman franchise.

Still directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire as the main character, three films have been released starting from the first Spiderman, Spiderman 2 and Spiderman 3 which if totaled the three of them generated almost 2.5 billion dollars in box office revenue. The second film was even very successful and is considered one of the greatest superhero films ever made.

But despite the huge success of the Spider-Man Trilogy this franchise had to be reboot and there was never a chance for Spider-Man 4 as a sequel.

What is the exact cause of the spider-man movie not continuing and Sony choosing to remake it? The reason is because spiderman 3 is considered a failed film.

In fact, Spider-Man 3 was named the highest-grossing domestic film in 2007 with a total gross of US$890 million worldwide and remained the best-grossing film of all Spider-Man films ever until it was beaten by Spider-Man Far from Home in 2007. year 2019.

With these advantages, why was the film not continued and instead became the end of Tobey Maguire's version of Spiderman's career? The answer is because this film has some problems.

Some of the problems in question are the unsatisfactory opinion of critics towards this film. Many spider-man fans also don't like this film, which features a very layered Plot where Spiderman faces off against three villains throughout the film from Sandman, Harry Osbourne's Green Goblin and Doc Ock and actor Topher Grace who is deemed unsuitable for playing the character of Venom.

With so many enemies, the focus on the main character, namely spiderman itself, will be divided into several parts and no longer centered on its role in being the main character.

The existence of a love triangle with the addition of Gwen Stacy as a new supporting character and the change in the story of Uncle Ben's death from the original story further adds to the negative comments towards this film and don't forget the depiction of Peter who becomes Emo and dances in the middle of the street is considered a symbiot effect that seems ridiculous and too forced. . With a number of reasons above, even director Sam Raimi said this film was a terrible film when interviewed in 2015. How bad is this film? and as a result the fourth film is no longer continued.

Apart from the spiderman3 problem that has been described above in fact Sony still wants to continue the film, after all the film is getting a lot of money and this is the main reason for the film industry. Sam Raimi started working on spider-man 4 shortly after the release of spiderman 3 with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst all set to return.

In the original plan the director wanted to feature Vulture as the main villain in the fourth film later and had even chosen an actor named John Malkovich for the role. It was also implied that an actress named Anne Hathaway was cast as an anti-hero named Felicia Hardi aka Blackcat. This film even had a scheduled release date of May 6, 2011 but unfortunately it never happened. The reason is that when Sam Raimi worked on the script, the contents of the story could not satisfy the studio to be used in the fourth film, even though in fact, he had tried his best not to repeat the mistakes he made with the third film. He even said that he would take the Spiderman franchise to the pinnacle of success with the release of the fourth film later.

However Sony's demands were so harsh and Sam Raimi was unable to meet the deadline set by Sony, the decision Finally I decided to opt out and told the studio that he would no longer be making the film.

Meanwhile instead of looking for a new director to take over What Sam Raimi is working on with Spider-man 4 Sony decided to restart the franchise from scratch and officially end Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man series in 2010.

One day in 2010 when Sony announced the cancellation of Spider-Man 4 the studio also announced that the Reboot of Spider-Man would hit theaters in 2012 and they even had a script that was finally chosen for this latest Spider-Man film. This also indicates that before Sam Raimi quit the Spider-Man 4 project Sony already had contingency plans to make the reboot movie Sony's decision to reboot instead of continuing with the original cast and the new director came from the studio's belief that the Spiderman story is best told through a lens. from a boy to a man.

This reboot will take Peter Parker back to his high school days and for this Sony needed an easier actor than Tobey Maguire who in 2010 turned 35 years old. and after a casting search that included several actors, the studio selected 27 year old British actor Andrew Garfield.

Eight years younger than Maguire, Andrew Garfield is in fact a decade older than the character he will play and 2 years older than Mayer in the first Spider-Man film.

But despite Garfield being old enough to play a teenage character, The Amazing spider-man director Marc Webb felt he was the best for the role for a number of reasons, one of which was his chemistry with co-star Emma Stone.

The amazing spider-man hits theaters five years after Spiderman3 many were pessimistic about how well the film would be received and it turns out that pessimism proved to be true, as the film underperformed on almost every level. One of the harshest criticisms was the film's decision to retell the Spider-Man origin story that was already shown in Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man films.

By spending most of the show's duration showing a story that the audience already knows, this will certainly squander the film's opportunity to do something newer and more interesting. Criticism was also shown on the film for its character and plot changes, instead of being a clumsy geek, Garfield's Peter Parker was described as too cool for a schoolboy. A skateboarder who disobeys the rules and arrogantly defies and even annoys Flash Thompson, this character is not the Peter Parker many fans know.

In addition, the story changes were also criticized as a new storyline was added which made the death of the smart father part of an obscure conspiracy, with the aim of helping to encourage Pieter's motivation as the main character. But on the other hand, Peter still has other motivations about Uncle Ben's death, the narrative of this dead father figure only serves to confuse the story, not become a weighty plot.

In the end, the mistakes above certainly affect the income of the amazing spider-man, the first gross box office revenue worldwide grossing 757.9 million dollars. While it's still an impressive number, it's the lowest number in the Spiderman franchise that time, and just so you know, the fate of the amazing spider-man just got worse.

The amazing spider-man despite failing to satisfy the fans and his poor performance at the box office, but Sony is still optimistic to continue the story. They decided to make a sequel with the title The Amazing Spiderman 2 by bringing Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx as a new villain named Electro. But the choice of this competent actor is not necessarily able to make this sequel film a success.

Many think Sony is ignoring the valuable lessons learned from the failure of spiderman3 this film adds Dane DeHaan as the new Green Goblin and then there is Paul Giamatti who plays Rhino, plus electro itself this film features three enemies at once similar to the movie spider-man 3 but with an unsatisfactory storytelling.

The sub-plot of Richard Parker's death also featured heavily and the conspiracy is now linked to Peter's transformation into spider-man. One of the things that is considered a big mistake in this film is the decision to kill Gwen Stacy. if the 1973 comic book story with the title The Night Gwen Stacy Die is considered a classic, it is different if it is applied in today's films. At the time of the release of this sequel, which was in 2014, the plot of a woman dying to motivate a male character was considered the laziest and potentially destructive idea.

We may think the story is dramatic and sad from our point of view as a lay audience, but critics who are experts in dissecting films think Gwen's death is a bad idea.

For these reasons, Amazing Spiderman 2 received bad criticism and made it the lowest boxoffice-grossing Spider-Man film compared to the previous films. Obviously with this failure Sony has to rack their brains on how to restore Spiderman's success at all costs.

When the Spiderman franchise failed, on the other hand the Marvel Cinematic Universe was even more developed, after Iron-man hit the MCU in 2008 and especially after the success of The Avengers 2012, this franchise was able to satisfy what audiences expect from superhero films. Fans are now thinking and no longer tolerating lazy superhero movies like they did before with Spider-Man.

Now with the success of MCU superhero films, fans demand that superhero films must be good from all aspects such as: plot, plot and the like. And if the audience is satisfied then the studio will gain huge profits from their films.

With Marvel heroes that should be on the B list or lesser-known lists such as Captain America and Guardians Of The Galaxy which were released in the same year as The Amazing Spiderman 2 but brought huge profits, Sony began to see opportunities from the MCU movies. On the other hand, Marvel studios are also of course interested in Sony's Spiderman character, Spiderman is an important character who is very well known from comics, video games and movies though. And if spider-man can appear in the MCU, it will certainly enliven their films.

In the end, an agreement was reached for a collaboration, initially many thought that Spiderman could not appear in the MCU film, this character belongs to Soni and they are focused on working on the film itself. In addition, Marvel under the auspices of Disney can be Sony's rival in the superhero film competition. But Sony feels the partnership with Marvel studios will bring them great success. Finally, it has been decided that they will remake the Spider-Man movie once again or in the term Reboot by discontinuing Andrew Garfield's The Amazing Spiderman.

Finally in 2015 one year after The Amazing 2 premiered, a deal between Desney and Marvel studios with Sony was finally formed. In this deal, Marvel Studios will produce a new Spider-Man film with Sony and also include some original characters from the MCU to enliven the Spider-Man film. Under the agreement Sony will get full distribution rights for the film, including all box office revenue.

So what's in it for Disney and Marvel if all revenue is controlled by Sony? As a barter the partnership here and Marvel were given permission to use Spiderman in their own films, apart from the Spiderman Solo films. For example, there are Civil War films, Avengers Infinity War and also End Game which of course will make the story even more interesting with the presence of Spiderman. Besides that here and Marvel are given all the merchandising rights for the Spiderman character, now with both studios wanting the best for Spidy then Spiderman should be able to satisfy in many aspects.

Then listen to Marvel studios, the original studio that created spider-man who worked on this film, then Spiderman will be captured and introduced first in the Civil War film which gave rise to many other big superhero characters, this way the MCU version of Spiderman can be introduced without haste and more ripe.

Marvel also decided that this new Peter Parker would once again be a high school student but unlike Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who were both Thirty years old when they acted in the war. Marvel studios saw the truth, and finally, after a lot of casting, 19-year-old British teen actor Tom Holland was chosen as the third live-action Spiderman actor. This age is perfect for bringing spiderman to life who was 15 when he first got his powers. The character version of Tom Holland was greeted by spider-man fans very well and warmly when it first appeared, by skipping the origin story, fans were instead treated to a story where Peter Parker has been fighting crime as spider-man.

This version of Spider-Man is driven less by guilt over his uncle's death, unlike the previous two films, and more driven by his desire to please his new mentor, Tony Stark, whose MCU version is intentionally linked to Spider-Man. Loan characters should therefore specialize in an approach to the very famous first MCU characters. This was then considered as a refresher, where for the first time Spiderman was told to be close to other superheroes, something that was not found in the previous Spider-Man films.

2 years after the introduction of Spiderman in Civil War, Tom Holland starred in his first solo film for Sony with the title Spiderman Home coming. This film was the first spider-man film produced by Marvel studios and proved to be a success in every way. This film has the highest tomatoometer score of any Spider-Man film since Spiderman 2.

The adventures of Spiderman still continue and appear in the two biggest Marvel films to date, namely avengers infinity war and Avenger end game, both films have become benchmarks for the success of superhero films and are ranked fifth and first respectively as the highest-grossing films of all time. Furthermore, Spiderman's contribution to the MCU films helped raise the profile of the character not only in the MCU, but also the audience who watched the film. So when the next spider-man movie is released, it will create a hype thanks to it previously appeared in other films, for example: the connection between the end game film and spider-man. So far from home aired, the film received great reviews and became the third Spider-Man film to get at least 90% average on the Tomatosmeter.

More importantly, it beat the previous box-office record for a Spider-Man film by becoming the first film in the franchise to gross over $1 billion at the worldwide boxoffice.

So Sony's decision by choosing to work with here and Marvel has proven to be able to take Spiderman to the next level.

And that's the reason why spidermen always change actors and movies are remade in recent years. Sony chose to remake it after the film was deemed a failure. Now Based on the latest deal between Sony and Marvel, spider-man no way home will be the last Spiderman Solo film in the MCU and the character will return to the Sony universe so that he can meet other characters such as Venom, Morbius and friends. but if needed in the film, Spiderman can still be given the opportunity to enliven the MCU film, of course this contract is very likely to be renewed in the future, and obviously, wish Spiderman the best. favorite Marvel character in many countries. That's what we can convey from various sources

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