How to Restore Deleted Apps on Samsung Galaxy S22 Or Older

How to Restore Deleted Apps on Samsung Galaxy S22

How to restore deleted default applications on a Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older is indeed quite interesting to discuss. Where we know, the application is one of the most important things on a smartphone. With the application, users can access various services, such as games, whatsapp, google and so on.

Therefore, applications have an important role on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Or Older or other smartphones. Without the application installed, the cellphone that we use will not be able to run optimally. As we know if the Android system can run only because it works through applications.

How to restore deleted applications is quite easy, but in general the applications in the Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older are divided into two categories. Between the two categories are default applications that are installed by default, as well as regular applications that are installed as a result of downloading from the Play Store.

How to Restore Deleted Samsung Galaxy Apps

The more types of applications installed on smartphones, of course, it will really help users to perform various purposes. But if too many applications are also not good, this will certainly consume a lot of mobile memory capacity. So we need to delete the default application so that the phone memory is more spacious.

But when you do that you need to be careful not to delete important applications that can damage the Android system. If it's accidentally deleted, then there's no need to worry because there are several ways you can try to restore the Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older application as we will explain in the following review:

1. Re-download on Play Store

The first way to restore accidentally deleted apps on a Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older is to download or re-download them on the Play Store. This application is a service from Google that provides various applications and games for Android smartphones.

Besides being useful for downloading various applications and games, you can also use the Play Store to restore deleted applications. Because this service from Google also has a feature to save a history of various applications that have been installed on a smartphone. Just look at the steps below:

  1. First, please open the Play Store application on a Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older.
  2. Please select the three-line icon located in the upper left corner.
  3. If so, then select the "My Apps & Games" option.
  4. After that it will be taken to a new page, then select "Library".
  5. In this menu there is a large history of applications that have been installed.
  6. Find the application you want to restore, if you have found it, just select "Install".
  7. When the installation process is complete, the application will appear on the screen and ready to be used again.

2. Restore Applications Via Settings Menu

The next way to restore deleted applications is through the Settings menu or Settings on a Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older cellphone. This method is also quite easy, because users only need to take advantage of the menu that is already available on the smartphone without the need to download additional applications.

For those of you who want to try this method, here is a method that can be used to restore applications that were accidentally deleted. As for the steps, you only need to make some settings on your cellphone, for more details, just refer to the tutorial below:

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy S22, then select the "Settings" or "Settings" menu.
  2. Then scroll down and you look for the "Cloud and account" menu.
  3. If so, an option will appear to enter the backup and restore.
  4. After that, it will go to a new page then select "Restore".
  5. Then find the deleted application by selecting the arrow to the right.
  6. Wait for the checking process to complete, if the application can be restored, a checklist will appear.
  7. If so, you will be asked to give approval to reinstall the application.
  8. Just select the "OK" option and a file size will appear to be downloaded. Wait until the process is complete.
  9. Once done, the app will reappear on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S22 phone.

3. Using App Backup & Restore

The last way to restore a deleted Samsung Galaxy S22 application is to use the App Backup & Restore application available on the Play Store. The way this application works is to convert and save application files into backup files, so that every application that is downloaded, the backup file will be automatically stored in memory.

If at any time an application is accidentally deleted, it can be restored at any time using App Backup & Restore with just a few steps. Well, for those who want to try it manually or automatically, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, please open the Play Store and download App Backup & Restore.
  2. After successfully installed then open the application.
  3. Then do the settings by selecting any application that will enter the backup list.
  4. After tap the “Backup” button to start the process and wait for it to finish.
  5. If the backup process is complete, it means that the applications that have been included in the backup list will be safe.
  6. If at any time there is an application that is accidentally deleted, we can immediately open the "App Backup & Restore" application and select the "Restore" menu.
  7. Then automatically deleted applications will reappear on the smartphone.

That's our information on how to restore deleted applications on a Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older along with the steps that you must know.

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