How to Manage Apple Books Library on iPhone and iPad

How to Manage Apple Books Library on iPhone and iPad

iBooks became Apple Books when Apple decided to overhaul its book reading app with the launch of iOS 12. Several other interesting features like reading goals and having your book read aloud were added in iOS 13, making Apple Books even better for users. Not just loyal readers, even those who like their documents well organized will find Apple Books a good place to organize their personal virtual library.

Apple Books is one of those apps that doesn't come pre-loaded on new iOS or iPadOS devices anymore. You have to head to the App Store, type “books” in the search bar, and the app will appear above the list of results, just below the sponsored app. Many users started using it, and were quite happy not to try anything else.

If you submit it to the app, then your book will usually be organized under a label like audiobook and done. But if you want to organize your books so they're easy to read, here are steps to help you manage your library in Apple Books on iPhone and iPad.

How do I use a book wish list in Apple Books?

The book wish list in Apple Books is called the 'Want to Read' section. It's in the Read Now tab. To add a book to the 'Want to read' section, select a book from your collection and tap the three dots next to the book. This will open a drop-down menu. Tap on 'Add to Want to Read'.

To remove a book from the wish list, select the book you want to remove and tap 'Want to Read'. The book will be removed from the Wanted to Read section.

How do I close a book in Apple Books on iPad?

If you've finished reading a book and want to return to your Apple Books library to check out another book or simply close the book and exit, then you should use the controls that appear in the middle of the page when you tap the screen while reading a book on iPad. Tap < to return to your library.

If you used iBooks before, then you close a book in iBooks on iPad a little differently. The controls appear at the top of the screen.

How do I add a new collection?

For a smoother reading experience, you can group books by author, genre, how much you liked the book, or any other topic you can think of to separate the books in your library. To do this, you can create a new collection and add books to this collection according to the topic you choose to name the collection. The same book can be added to more than one collection.

To create a new collection, go to the Library tab and tap a collection. Scroll down where you will see the ‘New Collection’ option, tap on it. You can provide a name of your choice for this collection and tap done.

Recently added collections are usually placed at the bottom of the page. You can move it up or down by tapping edit on the collection screen and using the gripper icon (three horizontal lines) to drag the collection up or down.

How do I delete a collection?

To delete a collection, go to the collections screen and tap edit. You will see the entire collection list on the screen. Each will have a small minus (-) icon on the right. Tap this delete icon next to the collection you want to delete. Confirm your action by tapping Delete on the screen and tap Done.

How to sort books in the library and in the collection?

Any easy way to find your library of books is to sort them. You can sort books automatically according to your preferences, or you can choose to sort them manually. Books can be sorted in the library or in the collections section. In both sections you will see a sort menu on the top left. Sorting preferences will be mentioned with a dropdown for you to choose a different sorting preference. Tap the little down arrow and select your sort preference from the menu.

To sort books manually, you can press and hold a book long enough that it can be dragged to any part of the screen where you can assign a new location.

How to hide and show books from library?

To hide a book, go to Library and tap Edit. Select the book you want to hide and scroll down to tap on 'Hide'. All the books you selected will no longer appear in the library.

To show a book, follow these steps:

1. Tap the Read Now tab

2. Tap on your account icon located at the top right with your image or initials.

3. Tap Manage Hidden Purchases

4. You may have to enter your Adobe ID and password to access this section

5. Scroll down to find the book you want to hide and tap Unhide.

These steps will help you manage your library in Apple Books on iPhone and iPad with easy

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