How to Send Large Videos From iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to Android

How to Send Large Videos From iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to Android

With a great camera, iPhone is perfect for shooting video. When an event or special occasion requires it, then we tend to shoot more videos than clicking pictures. You've recorded a long video of this special event and want to share it with your friends and family, but you get a message asking you to shorten the video. There are a lot of special moments in videos that you really don't want to cut – fortunately there are several ways to share your long videos without having to cut them.

What is the iPhone Limit for Sending Videos

Videos can be shared via iPhone using email or text. iMessage has a capacity of 100 MB per message while Mail allows you to send attachments with a maximum size of 20 MB.

The latest iPhones come with support or 4K video recording which can record videos of just 1 minute up to 400 MB. Videos recorded in HD and 720p also create large videos in just a few minutes.

How to send long videos from iPhone to iPhone and Apple devices

Using AirDrop, you can easily share long videos from your iPhone to another iPhone or Apple device near you. One has to install the AirDrop app on the iOS or macOS device where the sharing will take place.

> The device you will use to share the video must be near your phone

> The device must be set to receive AirDrop files otherwise the transfer will not be successful.

1. iOS device: Go to Settings > General > AirDrop and tap Contacts Only or Everyone.

2. macOS devices: Search for AirDrop in Spotlight or open the app in Finder. When the app opens, click Allow me to be discoverable. Now click on Contacts only or Everyone.

3. Open Stock photo on the device where the video should be shared

4. Find the video that needs to be sent and click the share icon

5. You will be asked for the sharing pane where the AirDrop icon will be listed and a list of devices available for sharing.

6. Click the AirDrop icon if you don't want the receiving device automatically, it will appear in a few seconds.

7. Tap the device you want to share the long video on

This will start the transfer. If the video is too long, it might take a while but try to keep the two devices sharing as close as possible. You'll know the transfer is complete when the video will appear in the Photos app on the recipient's device. macOS users will find it in the download.

How to email long videos from iPhone to Android

If you want to share larger video files that are 5 MB or more in size, then you can use third-party apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive to share videos. This way, you can share videos with friends who use Android. Once saved in a given app, the link can be shared on email, message, WhatsApp and other chat platforms. Let's show you an example with Google Drive:

1. Download Google Drive from your iOS app store

2. Open the app and use Gmail login id and password to login. If you are a first time user, you can create an id. The process is quite simple, just click on the option as a new user and follow the instructions to create a new one

3. Once you are logged in, you will get the My Drive section

4. There is a plus (+) symbol located in the lower right corner of this page, click on it.

5. Tap Upload

6. Tap Photos and Videos, you will get a list of albums with different names you need to click on Videos

7. Find the video you want to share, then tap Upload

8. When the upload is complete, you click on the Menu or the 3 horizontal lines placed right next to 'My Drive'. From the drop-down menu you get, click Recent. You will find the video you just uploaded right above the Recents list

9. Tap the 3 dots right next to the video to launch options

10. Tap Copy Link – You can share this link to all your friends through various ways as mentioned above.

You now have the steps to share a long video from your iPhone without having to crop it.

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