Signs Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked And How To Prevent It

Signs Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked And How To Prevent It

In today's digital age, mobile phones are rapidly replacing computers. Previously tasks that could only be done through computers, people could easily perform those tasks via their smartphones, whether it be online shopping, buying movie or travel tickets, watching movies or tv shows, sending or receiving payments and so on. Therefore, it becomes even more important to find out if your phone has been hacked, so that you can take the necessary precautions to protect your phone. Through this, you will know how to find out who hacked your phone and what to do if your phone is hacked.

HP has become a versatile device in today's era, from playing games, exchanging messages to banking. Apparently, almost everyone has a smartphone to work with. Unfortunately, literacy for the security of the cellphones used are sometimes forgotten. This makes HP more vulnerable to being infiltrated or hacked.

The characteristics of a hacked cellphone can actually be seen from the following signs. When you find out that your cellphone is being hacked, immediately take precautions to protect the personal data on your cellphone. Do not let your photos, videos, or documents spread to the public or be used by irresponsible people. For smartphone users, the data on the phone is very important. Because it is often used, many people store all personal data on their cellphones. This habit is used by hackers for personal data on the victim's cellphone for their own benefit.

How to Know Your Phone Has Been Hacked?

Your smartphone will be slower than usual

If you have malware on your phone running in the background, your phone will run slower than usual. It will also affect the performance of trusted apps on your phone and might also affect your phone's network connectivity. Basically, this malware can degrade the performance of your phone and can lower the quality of the apps on the phone.

Your phone sends and receives messages on its own

If your phone is sending and receiving strange messages that you didn't send, it may be because your phone has been hacked. If your friend receives a strange or offensive message, it means that someone else is causing unnecessary trouble through your phone. Hackers might also try to steal information from your phone via unwanted messages.

You may find some new apps on your phone that you don't have installed

Your phone manufacturer or network service provider may install applications and updates from time to time on your phone. However, if you suddenly find some new apps on your phone, it might be from a malicious online source who wants to hack your phone and abuse it. So, if you see a new app on your phone, search the internet, find out about the source of the app and find out what users are saying about the app.

What to do to protect your phone from hackers?

1. If you've received a message with a URL and you can't see the full link, don't click there.

2. When logging into your account, don't click on the 'remember password' feature.

3. Turn off the Wi-Fi function which automatically connects your phone to the nearest Wi-Fi network without asking you before connecting. Connect Wi-Fi manually.

4. It would be best not to do banking transactions over public Wi-Fi networks and if possible avoid completely using public Wi-Fi networks.

5. Install an antivirus and use a password or pattern to unlock your phone.

Thus info on the characteristics of a hacked cellphone, how to prevent a cellphone from being hacked, and how to deal with a hacked cellphone. Hopefully it can help you to be more aware of data security on your smartphone. Make sure you always check HP's performance, especially downloading applications only through the official website. Of course, to prevent unwanted cell phone tapping.

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