How to restore accidentally deleted apps on iPhone

How to restore deleted apps on iPhone

Have you ever wanted to open an app but couldn't find it on your iPhone? This condition will make you feel even more worried if what is missing is an important application; such as financial applications, productivity, and the like.

Sometimes this condition occurs because we forget that we have hidden the application - so it is difficult to find anywhere. Not infrequently, because there is a disturbance in the device firmware.

Whatever the reason, you need to read the description below. Especially if you use this iPhone made phone. The author has summarized some of the causes of iPhone applications disappearing on their own and how to overcome them. Check right away.

Based on the search results, there are many reasons that cause the application to disappear on its own on an iPhone. Starting from default applications such as the App Store, Safari, iTunes Store, Camera, and many others.

The reasons for this include apps that are accidentally deleted, moved, restricted by the iOS Restrictions feature or intentionally hidden because users don't want others to find them.

Therefore, before doing how to restore a lost iPhone application, first make sure the cause. If so, just do the method below.

How to Restore Lost iPhone Apps

In the iOS 14 version, the company offers a new feature called the App Library. Through this feature, users can check the applications installed on the device. Including the types of applications that are hidden.

However, what if your phone doesn't support iOS 14 operation yet? Don't worry, there are still things you can do. Check out one of the descriptions below:

1. Use the Spotlight feature to find missing apps

2. Give Siri a command to open the app

3. Check hidden apps or folders

4. Check Screen Time to open restrictions on the Restricted Applications service

5. Open access for some of the pages you hide. So you can check all hidden services or pages

6. Use the App Store application to check whether the application you need is installed or not

7. Reinstall the application

8. Reset the Home Screen display to see all installed applications in alphabetical order.

Those are some of the causes and how to find missing iPhone apps. Hopefully one of the ways above can help you find the application you need, OK?

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