Steam Review - 40 Percent of Mac Users on Steam Use M1

40 Percent of Mac Users on Steam Use M1

40 percent of Mac users on steam use an M1. G13G is code for M1, G13X is code for M1 Pro/Max/Ultra, Considering even Low end G13G is actually almost as powerful as Nvidia GTX 1650 MaxQ, Really hope many developers bring their games to Mac. Many AAA developers have actually ported some of their AAA Games to Mac like Capcom, 4A Games, Square Enix, 2K Games, Gearbox Software and expect more to come.

This data is certainly encouraging because so far Apple laptops and PC games are known to never match. This is inseparable from people's beliefs that PC games only run well if played on Windows OS. MacBook laptops do sound like they are rarely used for gaming activities. One of them is because Windows has more users. Moreover, apart from PCs, there are consoles that are also widely used. Game developers, of course, prefer to release games on platforms with many users.

Many believe that a good PC gaming experience can only be obtained from a Windows-based machine. This argument usually arises because Macs don't have a powerful GPU and a lot of RAM to play heavy games.

With the facts and data in the picture, it is certain that MacOS-based games will soon emerge and are just waiting for the time to shift the dominance of Windows users. Moreover, Apple has launched its newest chip M2.

The M2 chip is made with a second-generation 5 nanometer (nm) that has been refined. The number of transistors in the Apple M2 reaches 20 billion units. The number is 25 percent more than the transistor in the Apple M1 with a total of 16 billion transistors. With more transistors, Apple claims the Apple M2 chip has an 18 percent increase in processor (CPU) performance, 35 percent graphics processing (GPU), and 40 percent Neural Engine compared to the M1 chip. Despite its higher performance, Apple's latest chip is claimed to still have a lower power consumption per watt than the M1.

To boost CPU performance but with minimal power, Apple relies on eight processor cores (8-core) consisting of four power-saving processor cores (efficiency cores) and four high-performance processor cores (performance cores). The two types of processor cores are then combined with temporary storage space alias larger cache (16 MB for performance cores and 4 MB efficiency cores), and LPDDR5 RAM up to 24 GB which has a bandwidth of up to 100 GB / s. In the graphics processing sector, the number of GPU cores on the M2 chip itself has now increased to 10-core, instead of stuck with 8-core as in the M1 chip.

With more cores, Apple claims the GPU in the M2 chip can run 3.6 trillion processes per second (TFLOPS). This Apple-made M2 ​​chip also supports decode or encode ProRes type content, support for 8K content in H.264 and HEVC formats, and support for external displays up to 6K resolution.


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