WD My Passport SSD Review - Very Fast Transfer Rate


WD My Passport SSD Review

To support productivity in the ever-increasing digital era, Western Digital presents the My Passport SSD.

The file storage solution from the WD My Passport SSD will certainly be very useful.

Especially during this pandemic, almost all activities, both work and education, are carried out by mobile (long distance), of course a storage device is needed. Because if it is stored on the internal smartphone or laptop and PC, it will certainly take up a lot of space.

This hardware device has a storage capacity of 1 terra bytes.


Most storage media on the market have a very ordinary shape and appearance. But along with the frequent use of technology devices as a fashion statement, the appearance and shape offered on the WD My Passport SSD seems to want to follow this trend.

The device that I am reviewing this time has a brick red color accented with curved lines similar to the shape of terraced rice fields.

Having a fairly small size with dimensions of 5.4cm x 9.7 cm and a thickness of 7mm, this product is comfortable to hold in the hand and fits perfectly in a bag or trouser pocket. With the shape and size it adopts, it allows users to take their content anywhere and maintain their productivity.

In his statement, WD's My Passport SSD was designed from the start to provide reliable performance with a touch of luxury with its bold, stylish and durable design.

Features and Performance

My Passport SSD offers the features that users need and want. Such as NVMe technology which is very fast with read speeds of up to 1050MB / s1 and write speeds of up to 1000MB / s1.

Thanks to this feature, I can move and edit high-quality content almost twice as fast as compared to the previous version of the drive.

I tried to move a video file of 11GB from the smartphone to the My Passport SSD device. It only takes less than a minute, all files have been copied.

My Passport SSD uses USB 3.2 Gen-2 technology with a USB-C cable and USB-A adapter. So it is very easy to move files from smartphones and laptops and PCs.

Storage media from WD is also ready to use for any device. Because it is compatible for Mac and PC as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Just plug it in, it can be used immediately.

Most importantly, in my opinion, this storage drive has 256-bit AES hardware encryption enabled with a password. So all content in it can be protected safely.

Despite having a small and stylish shape, this device has resistance to shocks. As well as vibration and resistance to falls to a height of 6.5 feet (1.98m).

With this capability, this device is quite safe to have, especially for me, who has a messy work desk that allows the risk of things falling off the table.


Based on the results of the review, for creative workers and content creators who need portable storage media that can be carried anywhere and is compatible with many devices, the My Passport SSD from WD is highly recommended.

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