Top Female Video Game Characters Part 1 - Tifa Lockheart Etc

Top Female Video Game Characters

This time I will write a little about the famous female characters in the world of video games. no less than dozens of female video game characters from famous games like Final Fantasy, Tekken, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and many more.

Video games always present various interesting characters with their respective backgrounds. Starting from tough men, small children with dark pasts to women of various ages will accompany the adventures of gamers. Several video game titles present the appearance of a female character with an extraordinarily beautiful appearance.

In addition to the exciting gameplay, one of the attractions of a game also lies in the characters or game characters. Not infrequently, there are people who are willing to play games for hours or even days because they are willing to keep their favorite characters played in games.

The attractiveness of female characters in a video game is very varied. Starting from the depiction of cool to inspiring figures, female characters are one of the main factors that any developer should pay attention to. Regardless of her role as a core or side character, sometimes just one female character can make the game very popular and memorable.

Currently there are many games that have one or two female characters that make the popularity of the franchise soar. Of course, creating a female character is an easy job, but only a few developers have succeeded in creating the best and most memorable female character in the history of the game industry.

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart
Tifa Lockhart (ティファ・ロックハート Tifa Rokkuhāto), or Tifa Lockheart, is a video game character from the PlayStation Final Fantasy VII game. He was a martial artist and relied on his punches as weapons. The Final Fantasy VII manual states that she is 20 years old and 5' 5" (approximately 160 cm) tall. In the English versions of Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, she is voiced by Rachael Leigh Cook. In all three versions In Japanese (including Dirge of Cerberus), Ayumi Ito voices her voice, and together with Cloud, she builds a bar called 7th Heaven.

Tifa is a beautiful woman, with long black hair and brown eyes. He is also always cheerful and upbeat. But he was a little shy; even though he loves Cloud, he refuses to admit it. His gentle nature and willing to sacrifice for others made him have many friends. He also has amazing strength and martial arts techniques.

Tifa is the eldest of 3 children Aulia and Angel As a child, she lived next door to Cloud in the city of Nibelheim. But their relationship is not that close even though they know each other.
When he was 8 years old, his mother died. Because he believed that his mother's spirit went through Mount Nibel, he tried to climb the mountain with his three closest friends, and without Tifa realizing it, Cloud was following them behind.

However, Tifa's three friends were scared and went home, leaving Tifa alone. Tifa didn't care and continued on her way, as did Cloud, he carefully followed Tifa. Unfortunately, their journey had to be stopped when Tifa slipped on a suspension bridge. Cloud tried to help him, but failed, instead he slipped off the bridge.

They survived the accident. Cloud only suffered minor injuries, but not Tifa, she was in a coma for a week. Tifa's angry father instead blames Cloud for this incident. Because of this, Tifa and Cloud's relationship is getting further and further apart. Cloud is angry with himself, he feels too weak and ashamed for not being able to save Tifa.

At the age of 14, Cloud said goodbye to Tifa because she was leaving Nibelheim and going to Midgar to join SOLDIER. He joined in order to become stronger (later it was discovered that the main reason he joined SOLDIER was because he wanted to impress Tifa). This news shocked Tifa as well as disappointed her; Tifa immediately forced Cloud to promise, if he was in danger, Cloud had to come to his aid.

When spring comes, Cloud departs from Midgar. Even though Tifa wasn't very close to Cloud, Tifa felt a deep longing for Cloud; he always thinks about Cloud, hopes Cloud has got his dream, and keeps looking for news about Cloud's whereabouts.

A year later, Tifa was assigned as a guide for the SOLDIER inspection group which would inspect the mako reactor on Mount Nibel. This group consists of 'SOLDIER class 1' Sephiroth and Zack, as well as 2 Military Policemen, one of whom, initially unknown to Tifa, is Cloud. After the inspection, the group returns to the city, and Sephiroth goes to Shinra's underground building and reads the research results written by Professor Gast and Hojo. What he finds makes him change (see Sephiroth for more details. He is angry and suddenly attacks Nibelheim and kills its inhabitants.

Upon learning that her city was destroyed by Sephiroth, Tifa chases her all the way to the Mako reactor. But instead he found his father dead at the hands of Sephiroth. Tifa is angry and attacks Sephiroth, but she fails to kill him, in fact she is injured by a sword in her attempt to kill Sephiroth.

Moments later, Cloud enters the reactor to look for Sephiroth, Zack and Tifa. Inside, he finds Zack already seriously injured and Tifa unconscious. Enraged, Cloud tries to stab Sephiroth in the back, then takes Tifa out. Zangan then appears and provides first aid to Tifa.

From Nibelheim, Zangan takes Tifa to Midgar for more serious treatment. After Tifa recovered, she founded a bar which she named Seventh Heaven in sector 7 of midgar city. It was at this bar that he met Barret Wallace, the leader of the rebel group AVALANCHE. He joined this group with the aim of taking revenge on Shinra for what they did in Nibelheim.
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Lara Croft

Lara Croft is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Square Enix (formerly Eidos Interactive) video game franchise Tomb Raider. Created by a team at British development company Core Design which includes Toby Gard, the character first appeared in the video game Tomb Raider in 1996.

The protagonist of the Tomb Raider game and film series, Lara Croft, is quite popular with fans of the action video game genre, with female character designs that are not fixed on generic story plot formulas at the beginning of Tomb Raider's appearance.

Lara is without a doubt one of the most recognizable heroines in the game. Although Lara is often the object of objectification, at least Tomb Raider has succeeded in breaking into the game industry with a female hero as the main character. Tomb Raider developer, Core Design, initially almost put a male character as the protagonist.

Lara's creator, Toby Gard, once told The Guardian that Tomb Raider's protagonist design was originally a guy in some graveyard. However, the longer Core Design develops the main character of Tomb Raider, they are even more convinced that the female character will be more suitable in this game.

When Core Design finally decided to use a female character as the protagonist of Tomb Raider, they didn't immediately make it the Lara we know today. Initially, the main character of Tomb Raider was described as a mercenary treasure hunter who did not hesitate to kill. In addition, this character was originally created as a girl of Latin American descent named Lara Cruz.

Due to under-selling, UK-based publisher of Tomb Raider's first game, Eidos Interactive, asked Core Design to make the main character "more friendly" to British people. Finally, Lara Cruz became an English girl named Lara Croft.

Anyone would agree if Lara is called the most successful and best-selling female game character of all time. Throughout the Tomb Raider series, all the games have sold more than 63 million copies. Of course, this success made other parties interested in developing Lara's story in the form of novels, comics, and films.
Lara is described as a beautiful girl, smart, and can perform various cool actions. Who, the hell, would not be attracted to him? Believe it, don't believe it, many guys in the real world have a crush on Lara, you know. Not just an ordinary crush but already at the stage of falling in love like with girls in the real world.

One of Eidos Interactive's employees once told the New York Times that their office has received lots of flowers, love letters, and even marriage proposals for Lara! It's not just fictional characters who get applications. One of Lara's models, Alison Carroll, also got seven marriage proposals when she brought Lara to life in the real world.
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Lady Devil May Cry
Lady is introduced through a trailer where we are shown the ability of the Lady character who debuted in the game Devil May Cry 3. Lady herself is a character from Devil May Cry 3. That is a short-haired girl who is good at using various weapons, from pistols to grenades. .

Lady is a demon hunter who made her debut in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. Although not a playable character, Lady often appears in many cutscenes and her voice (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) is as the narrator telling the story of her encounters with Dante and Vergil. Later he also appeared in the manga and anime spin-off series. Devil May Cry 4 still features Lady though only as a complement to the story.
Lady was born with the name Mary Arkham. Because Arkham (his father) killed his own wife, Mary then hated him and threw away his last name. The name “Lady” was received by Mary when she met Dante at the Temen-ni-gru tower. At that time Mary told Dante that she had no name until Dante called her "Lady." Just like her father, Lady has heterochromia or color differences in her eyeballs.

Ever since Arkham killed his mother for no apparent reason, Lady hates all demon races and their descendants. He considered the demon responsible for influencing his father's soul to be ruthless. He then went on an adventure to find his father to take revenge. Lady is an ordinary human, but she has acrobatics, shooting skills and heavy weaponry. His strongest weapon is the Kalina-Ann (after his mother's name) which is a customized missile launcher. This weapon is also used by Dante in the cross over game Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Lady is one of the key elements to open the sealed demon gate in Temen-ni-gru. In Devil May Cry 3 it is told that Lady's blood is a substitute for the priestess who thousands of years ago followed Sparda to seal the devil's gate. The blood must flow along with Sparda's amulet which is divided in half for Dante and Vergil. Unbeknownst to Lady, he was only used by Arkham to achieve the ambition of getting the power of Sparda.

Even though Arkham's demon gate was successfully opened, Lady still insisted on stopping Arkham. Dante knew that no matter how strong Lady was, she was only human and it was impossible to complete the task. He then replaces Lady and says that all this problem comes from Sparda. In the end Dante with the help of Vergil did manage to defeat Arkham and return him to the human world. There Lady was waiting for him and then killed his own father.

Her acquaintance with Dante has made Lady realize that even demons can do good and evil just like humans. In Devil May Cry 4 Lady gives Dante and Trish a job to investigate an order in the city of Fortuna. According to Lady, the existence of the order has interfered with their work because they have started catching demons. He also said that the order seemed to have ulterior motives. Dante is willing to accept the job because he has a debt to Lady.

After Dante had finished his work, Lady returned to her office and paid a small fee. Slightly sly, Lady said that Dante had no more debt despite being paid a little. Trish disagreed because she felt that Dante was carrying a heavy task and therefore deserved to be paid more. The wiser Dante didn't seem to want to fuss over money. Moreover, Dante has received a better reward, namely the recovery of Vergil's Yamato sword and in good hands, Nero.

Apart from the game series, Lady also appears in the spin-off anime series. It is said that Lady is a demon hunter who sometimes calls Dante on missions or just lends him money. Lady is hired by a priest who suspects a blonde woman, Trish, who is considered a demon controller who terrorizes the townspeople. Later Lady found out that she was only used by the devil who was actually the priest.

Next Trish and Lady have teamed up to help Dante deal with many little demons. The second session of the anime tells of a scientist named Aeron Lowell who is able to use dark magic to summon and control the demon nation. Among the demons there is one of the strongest, namely Abigail who was successfully summoned to the human world. It is said that Abigail is equivalent to the demon king Mundus to be difficult to control. With an elaborate ritual Abigail was successfully sealed in a locket. Whoever manages to free it will be able to rule over the world of demons and humans.

In modern times Abigail's power was freed by Sid, a weak demon who took the locket. With a ritual Sid managed to open the devil's gate. Dante who chased him to the demon world was stabbed with Rebellion's sword until he fell. Thanks to Patty Lowell's efforts, Dante was finally able to get up and fight again. By using the power of his devil trigger Dante managed to kill Sid and Abigail's demonic power slowly disappeared.

When Capcom released Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Lady also appears though only as a card in the Heroes and Heralds DLC mode. For the first time Lady is actually playable in Project X Zone, an RPG strategy game created by the collaboration of Sega, Namco Bandai and Capcom released in 2012.
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2B Nier: Automata
2B is one of the protagonists and early player characters of the 2017 video game Nier: Automata. A humanoid fighter android created as part of the YoRHa squadron, whose mission is to free Earth from hostile machine life forms created by an unnamed alien race.

a female android YoRHa No. 2 Model B, otherwise called 2B. He is a member of YoRHa, robots created by humans to reclaim Earth after being invaded by machines from space. 2B doesn't travel alone, he is accompanied by a teenage android, 9S. Like similar action-RPGs, 9S will help 2B in battle, and you are allowed to choose the characteristics of the assistant - for example attacking from afar, aggressive or passive.

His Type B designation indicates that he specializes in frontline combat, and he is capable of wielding two weapons and using a wide variety of fighting styles. His personality is cold, calm, and quick-thinking in dire situations, a trait of his model line inherited from his predecessor A2, to which he is very much alike. He disdains the exposed display of emotion, believing it to be unnecessary, even though he hides the emotional trauma and anger over the mission he must complete.

He has been noted as a popular character among fans for both his personality and character designs, and has made cameo appearances in various games. His uniform has been hailed as an example of haute couture in video games.

2B has silvery white hair and pale skin, a sign of beauty to the right of her lips, with the appearance and characteristics of a human. She wore a short black dress embellished with feathers and white gloves with black designs, as well as a pair of high-heeled above-the-knee boots with laces at the back. She also has a few other outfits reminiscent of Lolita fashion. Underneath her skirt is a white leotard which is revealed if her outfit is damaged in battle, or she activates her self-destruct function. The removable black eye patch covers the eyes and serves as a head display.

2B possesses superhuman combat abilities, and the ability to backup his consciousness to his base in the Bunker, obtaining a new copy of his body from storage. Like all other YoRHas, his consciousness is contained within a unique core type, the Black Box, which creates a massive energy blast when it hits another Box. Even though it was supposed to be a mini fusion reactor, it was later revealed to have been made from the core of a machine life form, as installing "standard AI" was deemed "inhumane" for the ultimately discardable YoRHa android. This makes the unit more susceptible to damage and going rogue.

2B was originally created as a combat android, part of a line of models based on android A2, which has since gone rogue. He generally partners with the 9S unit, a "scanning unit" that specializes in hacking and intelligence. From his base in the orbiting Bunker, he descends to Earth to fight machine life forms created by aliens in an attempt to wipe out all of humanity. Despite his cold demeanor, he accommodates the game's faction of peaceful machine lifeforms, largely ignoring 9S's warnings. In the games Ending A and B, he is forced to kill 9S with his own hands after he is infected with the logic virus by the hostile machine creature Eve, a fact which causes him a lot of trauma, though he is revealed to have it. survives by copying his consciousness into the machine life forms around him.

After Endings A and B, 2B was sent to Earth again as part of a large-scale attack, which failed after the machine damaged nearly all of the YoRHa troops with a logic virus, driving them completely insane. He and 9S survived the Bunker's destruction, but 2B was infected by a virus soon after. After encountering A2, he asks to be killed, then transfers control of his pod to A2 before he dies. For the rest of the game, A2 can access 2B's memories from time to time because 2B has uploaded his memories into A2's system. A2 learns that 2B's real designation is the Type E "executioner" model and that he knows the truth about the extinction of mankind; His real goal is to kill his 9S partner over and over again to prevent him from learning the truth.

It is revealed that the backdoor in the Bunker was deliberately placed to wipe out YoRHa, including 2B, allowing the creation of a new generation of androids who are oblivious to the truth and are constantly waging war. It was also revealed that due to his "disposable" status, he and the other YoRHa unit Black Boxes were recycled from machine life forms. However, in Ending E, his pod, 042, launches a suicide attack on the system trying to erase his consciousness. 2B and his friends, and free them from the control of Project YoRHa.
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Bayonetta is the main character in the Bayonetta game series. She is an Umbra Witch, a clan where members make contracts with otherworldly beings called Inferno. The contract gave them the power to spawn monstrous creatures using a certain medium.

As one of the Umbra Witches, Bayonetta uses hair as a medium to use her powers. But the hair he uses is not just from the head. The stylish and elegant outfit she was wearing was also made of hair, and when she used her power to summon Inferno, the hair that became the outfit would be released from Bayonetta.

Game Bayonetta is also not half-hearted in showing these interactions. In the game, you'll often see Bayonetta miraculously take off her clothes in the middle of a fight before finally getting back into her black outfit. Not only that, he also often poses provocatively even in the middle of battle, and the Bayonetta game itself also often emphasizes these poses with a camera angle that is no less "dangerous."

Bayonetta's sensuality also doesn't stop at strength and poses. He is a character that is quite playful, sharp-mouthed, and often jokes through words. But everything always grazes into adult themes. Everything he does with confidence as if to say "I'm hot and I know it" without needing to make a sound while killing his enemy with terrible power.

Bayonetta's sensuality is able to leave an impression because it's done a little too much and over the top, but also with great confidence and never feels 'out of place.' It's just that if it stops there, Bayonetta may not be much different from many other characters who show sensuality but also self-defense. The only thing that might set him apart is that he is a main character in the game itself.
But in reality Bayonetta is much more attractive than just a strong and sensual female character.

In two games namely Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, you can see how Bayonetta's personality develops. In the first game, the character who was initially cold to everyone slowly began to open up to others. This is also while showing concern for his lost memories.

Then in the second game he began to show another side of his personality that was no less interesting. He is very loyal and protective of his friends and other people he deems important. She also has a motherly side and is gentler when dealing with children. This also coincides with other characters such as anger, sadness, fear, and other emotions that humans feel.

In short, despite showing sensuality, Bayonetta has another feminine side that women have. This makes her a fully-fledged character and not stuck to a single spectrum, something that a lot of female characters in video games experience.

Bayonetta herself is the "forbidden" child from the marriage of Lumen Sage and Umbran Witches sect members who later brought disaster to the two sects, and because of that Bayonetta was sealed for 500 years.

After 500 years have passed, Bayonetta returns to life despite being in a state of amnesia, and with the help of several parties Bayonetta intends to find "Eyes Of The World", 2 artifacts that are said to make the user rule the world. Bayonetta itself has this one artifact.

In addition to having a "challenging" physique, Bayonetta's uniqueness can be seen from her strength, namely the manipulation of her hair (used as a weapon) to fight her enemies (which are designed like "Heavenly" creatures), the "weird" actions she performs during this game. , as well as the fact that the clothes she was wearing were made of hair that would fall off little by little when she used high-level magic.
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Quiet Metal Gear Solid V
Quiet is the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain but starts out as one of the bosses of the game. He was an indispensable asset for Solid Snake after he defeated him in 1v1 battles.
Hideo Kojima has received a lot of criticism for the creation of Quiet's character. However, it was actually Yoki Shinkawa, one of Konami's top designers, who designed the Metal Gear Solid character Quiet. Yoki Shinkawa has also designed characters for games such as Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

As a designer who joined Konami in 1994, he graduated from Kyoto Seika University. "Revenge" may not be words, but Yoki Shinkawa deserves credit or blame for Quiet's controversial design.
Despite the common belief that Quiet dresses like this because he is a lecherous individual, there is a reason behind his lack of clothing. After being exposed to the parasite treatment, Quiet can only drink and breathe through his skin.
Wearing too many clothes would cause her to suffocate, so she had to dress less. Sure, that's one of Konami's more absurd characters, but at least they're trying to explain her outfits rather than straying straight away.

Quiet uses two sniper rifles named Wicked Butterfly and Sinful Butterfly. Sometimes he uses the non-lethal Guilty Butterfly. Undoubtedly, his talent as a warrior was similar to that of Solid Snake.
In the end, Solid Snake was the superior marksman because he beat him in sniper battles. As someone who dubs his sniper rifle, it's no surprise that he is a skilled fighter. Calm must be defeated with a non-lethal weapon when you meet him in Mission 11 of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
Quiet is an elite assassin who takes orders from Skull Face. At one time, he was ordered to kill the Big Boss. Quiet's tactics on the battlefield include more extreme moves than characters like Solid Snake used to be. Whereas Solid Snake prefers to use non-lethal methods in most cases, Quiet will shoot to kill and ask questions later.

His name is ironic because he is one of the toughest characters in the crossfire. He was also known as "Tixij" by the Soviet troops. The name doesn't suit his style, but Quiet's name could be influenced by his personality rather than his war tactics.
Quiet's first appearance in a video game was in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It was quite an introduction to see him trying to kill the Big Boss. After being doused with chemicals, he was ignited by another hospital patient in the room.

How the patient gets the lighter doesn't make sense, but the scene works anyway. Most of Metal Gear Solid V's plot was influenced by Quiet, and it wouldn't make sense without him.
As part of his ordeal, salt water was poured over Quiet. Even though his tormentor knew the salt water could kill him, he did it anyway. Silence refused to speak even though he was in pain.
At least someone in the room had the sense to pour fresh water over him and wash the salt off his skin. It wasn't very heroic for Venom Snake to stand up when he was being tortured. In the end, Venom Snake stopped the torture, showing that he was capable of sympathizing.
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