The Sophisticated 10 New Features of iOS 16 You Should Know

iOS 16 10 New Features

The latest operating system for iPhone iOS 16, has just been announced by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC 2022. Carrying the theme “Personal is powerful”, iOS 16 brings a number of new features that will generally make it easier for users to personalize their devices.

One of the features of iOS 16 that may be sufficient to represent the theme is the lock screen display that can be modified. In addition, there is also a personalization feature in iMessage in the form of the ability to edit messages that have been sent.

iOS 16 features

1. Modify Lock Screen

In iOS 16, Apple pinned a feature that allows users to modify the appearance of the Lock Screen. This feature is almost similar to that found on Android-based phones in general.

With this feature, users can not only change the wallpaper, but also change the design of the clock and date display, including choosing the font and color. In addition, on the Lock Screen iOS 16, users can also add some widgets.

2. Share photo gallery via iCloud

In iOS 16, users can create separate custom photo galleries to share with other users via iCloud. The gallery can be managed up to a maximum of five members. Each member can edit, delete and add photos in the gallery.

3. Apple Pay Later

Apple added the Pay Later or “buy now, pay later” payment method in Apple Pay on iOS 16. When users shop using Apple Pay, they will be provided with a choice of payment mechanisms in installments.

4. Live Text

Updated Live Text feature allows users to copy captions from paused videos. Not only copying, but the text or data from the video can also be followed up in several commands, such as language translation.

5. Passkeys

The Passkeys feature in iOS 16 makes it easier for users to use Face ID or Touch ID when they want to log in or authenticate accounts on a website, instead of using passwords that may be easier to crack.

6. Shared Tab Group Safari

Not to forget, iOS 16 also brings feature updates to the default Safari browser application. One of the new features coming to Safari is the Shared Tab Group.

Through this feature, users can share the browser tab that is being opened with other users. That way, other users will also be able to view and participate in changing the tab in real-time.

7. Send scheduled e-mail

Apple's default e-mail application on the iPhone also gets a feature update on iOS 16. One of the latest features that is carried in Apple's e-mail application is scheduled sending, like Gmail. With this feature, users can set a schedule for sending e-mails in advance, as well as cancel them if later there are errors that need to be corrected.

8. Handoff on FaceTime

In addition to e-mail and Safari applications, Apple is also bringing a new feature to the FaceTime application in iOS 16 called Handoff. Through the Handoff feature, users can move an ongoing FaceTime call to an iPad or Macbook, simultaneously.

9. Cancel messages that have been sent

In iOS 16, Apple's messaging app iMessage, a new feature arrives for unsend messages. With this feature, users can cancel any messages that have been sent up to 15 minutes later.

10. Edit sent messages

In addition to the arrival of the unsend feature, iMessage on iOS 16 is also equipped with a new feature for editing messages that have been sent. With this feature, users can also edit messages that have been sent up to 15 minutes later.

That's a list of the ten latest features of iOS 16. Although iOS 16 and some of its newest features have been announced by Apple, it doesn't mean that users can immediately get the operating system update for now.

Usually, Apple along with developers will first test iOS 16 in beta. Developers who are registered in the Apple Developer Program service are now able to try out the beta version of iOS 16.

When the final version of iOS 16 has been released, users can get the operating system update automatically on the iPhone. For additional information, the row of iPhones that will receive the iOS 16 update starts from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 14 series.

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