Secret Code How To Access Netflix Super Secret Menu 2022

Secret Code How To Access Netflix Super Secret Menu

You can sit comfortably in an armchair with a refreshing drink and a bowl of popcorn, while watching the Netflix series is easy. Actually, it's not easy to decide what to watch. Browsing through the Netflix catalog actually takes longer than watching something. All you need is access to Netflix's secret menu, which offers a list of top recommendations.

Netflix offers great shows, spectacular movies, and documentaries. However, their predefined “Tips” list, which seems to be in order of your liking, can be dire at times. In most cases, these “personalized” recommendations are actually based on what people around you are seeing, so there's a good chance they won't suit your taste.

From now on, users can search for a specific address in the Netflix catalog, but enjoy the fun of discovering for themselves an excellent series or movie. Obviously, we need a better referral system from Netflix.

Well, it seems that some of those who share these concerns have taken matters into their own hands and hacked the system. Netflix was found to catalog all of its content based on certain codes that represent certain genres and this information has been placed on the website.

Furthermore, each of these genres is divided into subgenres. For example, in “Comedy”, you have a choice of certain types of comedy, such as satire, anime comedy, dark comedy, model, and so on.

Secret Code How to Access Netflix Super Secret Menu in 2022

How to use these codes?

You will need a display system or device with an internet browser. It is currently not possible to use the application code directly.

There are two ways to use this secret code:

  • Visit on your computer, phone or smartphone if you have a web browser.
  • Find the genre or subgenre you are interested in
  • Tap the code next to a genre or sub-genre.
  • If you are using a device that has the Netflix app installed, the app will launch and take you directly to the selected genre or sub-genre. If the app is not installed, Netflix will open through the browser.
  • Select the content you want to view.

Or, if you want to watch content on your TV but your TV doesn't support web browsers, you can simply use the steps above to find what you want to watch and select the content you want to consume. then search for Netflix on your TV.

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