How to Customize Apple Watch Default Message Replies

Customizing Apple Watch's default message replies isn't difficult. You only need a few steps to set it up. How to customize Apple Watch's default message replies can be done when Apple's smart response to messages on the smartwatch tends to be garbled.

Whenever a new email or message arrives, Apple Watch displays a selection of options so you can respond immediately. For example, you can choose to respond using fun emojis, doodles, voice dictation, or respond with predefined replies without needing to dig into your iPhone.

With the Apple Watch, it's pretty easy to track things like messages and emails and respond to them. Especially when I'm on the go and don't have much time for detailed replies, I choose from several default replies to respond to. Interestingly, watchOS also offers the flexibility to customize the default email/message reply on Apple Watch so you can respond right away.

Just so you know, as an iPhone companion, the Apple Watch offers most of the important features you might need in your day-to-day life. You don't have to take your iPhone out of your pocket to do this. What's more, you only use it for phone calls and messages.

Given the restrictive nature of managing your Apple Watch for text entry, it's entirely possible that in some cases you'll need to be quick to respond to text messages. To do so, you can use Apple Watch's default message replies. You can reply with a greeting, a thank you, or just busy.

If there's a situation you're often in that isn't included in the reply list, it's time to consider creating a custom response. That way, you don't have to struggle just to deal with slowly typing text on your Apple Watch to respond.

To customize your Apple Watch's default message replies, there's nothing else you need than just an iPhone connected to the smartwatch.

How to customize Apple Watch's default message replies

  • On your paired iPhone, open the Watch app
  • On My Watch, scroll down and select Messages
  • Choose Default Replies
  • Scroll down and select Add Reply
  • Enter your custom message response text, then select Done

Once you're done setting up, a custom message will be available to choose from from a list of responses on Apple Watch. Then, how to use it?

Tapping Edit in the Default Replies list will bring up a line on the right side, allowing you to drag the custom message higher up the list.

To edit a reply, simply navigate to Default Replies one more time, tap the message, edit it, then tap Done. If you want to delete a message, swipe left, tap Delete.

So, that's how you can add a reply to a new mail/message or edit an existing one on your Apple Watch. Now that you know how it works, add different replies so you can use them to respond quickly.

So, have you tried making Apple Watch default message replies? If not, please try and your curiosity is guaranteed to be paid off.

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