Patch is a pride for the club and also can describe the achievements of the club.
For example on the real madrid jersey there are some patches that stick, including FIFA WCC 2014 Champ and BOH10. Illustrates that the Club has won a FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP Championship and 10 times won the UEFA Champions League.

Patch also describes the event that is being followed by the club, for example Starball patch + Respect means that the club was playing in the UEFA Champions League events.

And this time we will share tips on how to stick the patch instantly and easily, the following steps:
1. The equipment needs to be prepared is, irons, small towel, translucent insulation small size, and white papers.
2. Heat the board, setting a temperature of approximately half a lap when using iron contained temperature control (roughly about 75-80 degrees Celsius)
3. Expand jersey and set the Patch in the desired position, so that the patch does not shift position when pressed with an iron, use insulation on either side of the patch.
4. Use a towel as a pad.
5. from the inside, place a white paper on top, press with an iron on the attached patch for 15 seconds.
6. Remove the insulation and check whether patches have been sticking it perfectly, while one patch is not yet attached, repeat step 5, press only on the patch that is not yet attached.

May be useful And Good Luck!
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