Android Tablet vs iPad For Drawing, Graphic Design, Photo Editing


Android Tablet vs iPad For Drawing, Graphic  Design, Photo Editing

I will review the comparison of Android Tablet vs Apple iPad when used for drawing. Remember here I only write from my opinion when using it for drawing, design, photo editing and the like, nothing else.

Because lately many are asking, which is better iPad or Android Tablet. In the $400-500 price range, the Samsung S6 Lite, for example, already includes the S-Pen, while the iPad doesn't include the Pen and you have to buy the Pen separately.

But it's different from my post yesterday, iPad vs. Pen Display, where I am a member of each plus-minus and still give you the final choice as readers. In here, these are the reasons why even though Android tablets are cheaper, I still recommend them to the iPad.

Here's the reason:

1. Software Update and Security Update iPad OS (the new name for iOS for iPad) is guaranteed for 5 years and above. For example, the iPad Air Gen 2, which was released 7 years ago, still gets an update to iPad OS 15.

As for Android? Generally it's only 1-2 years, after that it can't be updated and patched again. As a result, performance slows down, Apps start not running, etc.

2. iPad applications tend to be more complete and more mature, for example on the iPad there is Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, Fresco and none on Android.

Meanwhile, those that both exist are like CSP, as we know CSP on Android is still a bit hit and miss, such as the playful Palm rejection and also performance or lag problems. Or if you want to undo you have to raise your hand first. Alias ??is not as polished as the iPad.

3. The iPad OS ecosystem is more mature than Android. iOS developers used to be directed by Apple to recompile the applications they made for the iPad which had a bigger screen and different dimensions.

While Android, most Android Tablet Apps are Smartphone versions of Apps that are stretched so wide when running on Android Tablets.

Making the experience in general using an Android Tablet feel less polished.

4. Apple Pencil is still superior to the S-Pen because of the very small response time and the S-Pen on the S6 Lite, for example, there is still a delay of around 20-30ms. 

Creating images on Android doesn't feel as natural on iPad.

5. Performance, for example, at a price of 6 million. The closest competitor to the 8th Gen iPad is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. The iPad 8th Gen uses the Apple A12 Bionic Chip while the Tab S6 Lite uses the Exynos 9611.

The Apple A12 Bionic Geekbench score is 2600 points while the Exynos 9611 Geekbench score is 1200 points aka the iPad 8th is more than 2x superior to the S6 Lite, making the slightly more expensive price justified.

Even the Exynos 9611 is still slightly slower than the Apple A10 Fusion which can be found on the iPad Gen 6 released 3 years ago (A10 Fusion 1300 ish Geekbench). While we know that Picture and Painting Apps are not light.

Those are 5 reasons why as much as possible if you really want to buy a tablet for drawing, just try to use an iPad.

If the budget is not strong enough to buy a new iPad + Pencil, the alternative can be to buy Second. Take the iPad Gen 6 + Pencil. where the iPad Gen 6 is still faster in spec and still has the advantages I wrote above.

Android on Tablets must be admittedly considered a stepchild by Google, even Google itself is now more focused on ChromeOS for tablets than Android for tablets. Making Developer Apps is also half-hearted in developing Apps for Android Tablets.

Currently the only intention is Samsung with One UI + Dex. But it means nothing when Developers are reluctant to make Apps with intent.

I think the only reason to choose an Android Tablet over an iPad is if your budget is only USD100-200.

But if your budget is in the $USD 400-500 range by all means, just go to the iPad.

I hope this helps.

source: internet.

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