Tips for caring Jersey.
Many owners jersey who did not know how to treat jersey well, there are two points which we have drawn attention :

1. Wash,
- Do not soak for a long time, just soaked for 15 minutes.
- Rub only on the dirty cloth. If nameset jersey is dirty, wipe with a cotton by eucalyptus oil and rub gently section.
- When drying, do not be exposed to direct sunlight.
- Allowed to wash by washing machine*, note: hanging immediately after washing process is completed to avoid nameset damaged, because the crumpled wet, after the washing process.
- Do not iron.
- Follow the instructions contained in Washtag, located on the inside bottom.

2. Saving,
- Do not folded and stacked in a cabinet.
- Hanging by using a clothes hanger.
- Avoid direct sunlight.
- Use plastic clothes cover, if it will be stored for a long time.

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