Why Is My Yahoo Mail Getting an Unexpected Sign in Experiment Warning?

Unexpected Sign in Experiment

Some day, like the previous days my routine every morning after arriving at the office is I always check my gmail inbox.
One incoming mail from yahoo, it is a notice that my yahoo account login attempts come from the other countries is from taiwan. As your information that I also have a yahoo mail account which has not I use for a long time, but for the security of my yahoo mail account and for important security notifications and to confirm my identify if I ever get locked out of my account, I connect it to my gmail account.

Then I log into yahoo mail and after entering an email address and password. verification window appears and asked to choose a method of verification of them is by SMS text message, by smartphone device, by the call, and by mail to the other email account.

I chose sms text message and then a verification code sent to my number. declared successful verification and yahoo mail display window was open.
check incoming email, true, there is a notification email from Yahoo, such as email notification on gmail.

How to increase the security of email accounts?
The security of the data on your email account is very important. Some email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and others already have multilevel security accounts settings with verification measures that must be passed. for example, via another email account and mobile phone number.
These security settings are at all any email account providers, specifically for yahoo email you can open it by clicking the gear logo on the top right corner and then click on the account info.

After that, it will open a window to your account settings, there are several settings menu: Personal Info, Account Security, Recent Activity, Preferences, and Subscriptions. select the security account, there are several options the notification settings there, by yahoo messenger notification devices, phone number, and other email addresses, completing all then the security of your account has been increased.

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