MT-365 Cutting Plotter, Installing Driver, Applications With CorelDraw

MT-365 Cutting Plotter, Installing Driver

Someone might need a tutorial how to use MT-365 Cutting Plotter with CorelDraw in the Windows Operating System, I will share information about it, from installing the drivers through the operation with coreldraw. I use Windows 8.1 and CorelDraw X7, the following steps :

  1. First, Install the driver CH341SerSetup_EN.exe you can download from here Download Driver,
  2. Run the .exe and follow the steps to install the driver,
  3. After finish connect Cutting Plotter to the computer,
  4. Check Device Manager to knowing the COM Number,
  5. Look at the Ports (COM & LPT) there are USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM#),
  6. Enter Devices and Printers then Add a printer,
  7. Stop the searching for available printers and then click The printer that I want is not listed,
  8. Select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings click next,
  9. Use an existing COM port and select the same COM Number with USB-SERIAL CH340 in device manager click Next,
  10. Select GOLDCUT on Manufacturing and select GOLDCUT JK Series click next and finish, you have to add Cutting Plotter read as a printer.
  11. Last, open CorelDraw and create an object, for example a square,
  12. Right-click convert to curve,
  13. Click on object properties and change the outline width into hairline,
  14. Click Print or press Ctrl + P click print preview to adjust the position of the object and print, see! the cutting plotter works.

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