Pokemon Go Popularity Goes Down? Based On My Survey

Pokemon Go

In mid 2016, has not been forgotten from our memory how the game Pokemon Go into a very horrendous, the whole world talking about the game including in Indonesia, how extraordinary this game to dominate the news both television and online media, even a lot of seminars and talkshow review the game, the technology used and the effects on social security. Even the government banned to playing the game in the area of government agencies and the military area.

Released in Indonesia in August 2016, did not expect something so horrendous as it suffered a decline in popularity so quickly.
I tried to do a small survey in my work environment. and I chose the people I know in advance that they also play pokemon go. the result is very surprising, with a simple question of "when was the last time you play pokemon go?". of the 15 people I asked, on average, they answered "I do not remember", and there are some answered "two months ago", and some people have forgotten the username or password to login to the game pokemon go includes Me hehehe. So, to be able to login back I had to use the facilities "I forgot my password" and then reset my password.

I think, this is caused by exposes of the news so great for the game pokemon go, this being the main reason for users just to curious, so they try to look out how the game is and when they already know, it's gone, and I feel there is any delay for this game developers to give something new, something that can bring back the passion of this game.
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