I Have Got Exclusive Google Local Guides Badges

Google Local Guides Badges

I've got this badge when I attend the google local guides food crawl Surabaya on November 20, 2016. The event was held at GWalk CitraLand, Niaga Gapura street and Kedai27 as the meeting point was attended by local guides who had the 3-5 level, got an email invitation and have confirmed their registration. Not only me, all the participants also get it.

The event organizer explained that worldwide all of the local guides who've participated at local guides event got that the same badge and this is the first google local guides food crawl event in Indonesia. So, maybe I was the first person in Indonesia who got this badge.

I'm very happy to be part of the google local guides food crawl surabaya this time. I was able to meet with new people and the great people of google Indonesia and knowing the purpose activity of local guides community. Until now we are still communicating and exchanging knowledge about local guides events via WhatsApp messenger or forum in localguidesconnect.com.

I love this exclusive badge and I cannot wait to join in the next event
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