PES 2017 Trick: Knuckleball Free Kick Training

PES 2017 Trick: Knuckleball Free Kick Training

Hi, I just finished to make a video about my favorite game Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. One of the best trick in football is Knuckle Ball, it's a deadly strike for goalkeeper because The ball movement is irregular so that the goalkeeper is very difficult to anticipate , sometime the ball quickly changing the direction from up straight to down or from left to right, the ball movement doesn't spin but it's look a like floating.

As all people know this trick popularized by Christiano Ronaldo. This trick is a kick that makes the ball look a like turned the direction twice in the air. Yes, is different with the banana kick that only one time ball deflecting, knuckle shot is twice into two different directions.

In the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 this trick can do by Players with the "Knuckle Shot" skill can hit knuckle shots by pressing Square Button -in Sony PlayStation Joy Stick- again just as they are about to strike the ball.

When pressing the square button first, should be followed with pushing the top direction button as well to get the fast kick power effects, then when pressing the square button for second time followed with pressing the left direction button to get the effect direction ball that swerves to the right and the right direction button to get the effect direction ball swerves to the left.

Requires repetitive practice to get the perfect result and to be experts in knuckle ball.

You can see the following video to get more details

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